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Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 15:31:14 +0000
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On 1 Apr 1995, Bill Stender wrote:

<< I haven’t yet received the post from Christeos Pir (beautiful name) but I wish to ask him- what did they do to deserve such an insulting comment? >>

The problem most serious occult practitioners have with Schueler’s books is their trivialization of the subject matter and the great liberties they take with their “modernization” of ancient magico-religious practice. They attempt to cast these old ways into modern moulds, and often (in the case of their Enochian books) leave large gaps in their information that does not fit into their moral viewpoint. In their Enochia, they completely ignore the procedures for the summoning of “demonic” spirits of the lesser cherubic squares; in fact they don’t even mention their existence except with a passing reference to “avoid” them. If the point is to give a complete reference work (as they bill their “guides” as being) then they should not leave out important parts because _they_ think it’s “dangerous” or “immoral” – that should be left to the practitioner to decide for hirself.

<< To JM: This fluffy-bunny-phobia is something I share, but it’s not necessarily an adequate review…

I see this book containing a definition of many terms/names from the Egyptian religion, followed by a translation of a series of ‘rituals’ (primarily from the Book of the Dead) the rituals are important ones, with a logical arrangement and apparently straight translation. >>

There is an earlier response to your post which you will probably receive soon (keep an eye out for it, so I won’t have to re-iterate it here) that goes into great detail about the mistranslation of Budge’s work in light of the discoveries of Egyptologists that have happened in the 100 years since Budge. Suffice it to say that if you use Budge as an “original” source of the translation of the BOTD, it’s going to contain errors. Budge was a quite devout Christian and he tried to “westernize” the Egyptian society and rituals due to his prejudice (the same thing happens when people try to “Christianize” the I Ching.) To understand the rites of the Egyptians, you would have to spend considerable time learning to THINK as they did. Without such a cultural background (which the Schueler’s attempt to circumvent to make it palatable to modern Western readers) the working of such rituals has no foundation.

<< I say important because, for me, the clues to the Astral world are very pertinent and these rituals are full of that. >>

You may as well make up your own and simply use the Egyptian God-names. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, and you’ll be no more or less “accurate”. You see, the rituals of TBOD are NOT “magickal” but RELIGIOUS, and the Schuelers have attempted to turn them into “magick”.

In the other response, the author used a great analogy – say somebody took the New Testament and decided to make “magick” out of it – took the prayers and parables of Jesus and converted them into “magick” rituals, and called it “authentic Christian Magick.” Ridiculous, yes? This would be the same as what the Schuelers have done to TBOD.

<< If Budge was the primary source, and he has been superseded- does this affect the accuracy any of the rituals printed in this book? (specifics) and again, any other good ones? >>

Well, here’s a reading list – but keep in mind you are trying to force something into a mould that it was not designed for to try to make magick rituals out of TBOD.

  • Egyptian Mythology by Veronica Ions. NY: Hamlyn Publishing Group, 1973 [series updated & reissued 1986 by Peter Bedrick Books].
  • The Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple by E.A.E. Reymond. NY: Barnes & Noble, 1969.
  • Her-Bak (two volumes) by Isha Schwaller De Lubicz. NY: Inner Traditions, 1954.
  • The Temple in Man by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz_. Brookline, Massachusetts: Autumn Press, 1949.
  • Symbol and the Symbolique by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. NY: Inner Traditions.
  • Sacred Science by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. NY: Inner Traditions, English translation 1982.
  • Egyptian Mysteries by Lucie Lamy. NY: Crossroad, 1981.
  • The Priests of Ancient Egypt by Serge Sauneron. NY: Grove Press (Black Cat Edition), 1980.