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On the court cards in tarot.

The original kobolts.

On ancient theurgy and its tools.

Alan Moore interviewed about magick.


Do witches need sympathy for the devil?

On mantras.

The politics of charitable status as it relates to Druidry and… Jedis?

Some intriguing thoughts on possible problems with roadside shrines.

On Baubo, the classical Greek goddess of mirth.

The possible Gnostic origins of Valentine’s Day.

Stonehenge excavation reveals remains of high status women.

On Heathenism and depression. (See also, “Depression, the dark night of the soul, and magick.”)


On David Bowie’s occultism.

Gnostic fan fiction?

Check out these five women of occult rock.

Extension saves Pompeii’s rescue project.

The fire that destroyed Aleister Crowley’s former home at Boleskine was officially ruled an accident.

Sculptures of mythological creatures depicted on medieval maps. Love it.

Paintings of witches’ sabbats that resemble parties you (may?) have attended.

Magic, Witches & Devils in the Early Modern World is a free exhibition at the University of Manchester Library, and it runs from 21 January – 21 August 2016. Anyone interested in covering this for Spiral Nature? We pay.

Hear Cat Vincent and others speak at Spirits of Place, a multidisciplinary one-day symposium in Calderstones Park, in Liverpool, England on 2 April 2016.

There’s a new graphic novel about Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler. No, really.

Orisha’s Journey is an animation about a young girl who learns the importance of her roots, and it looks incredible.


A review of The Barefoot Medium.

The Type Tarot reviewed. (#want)

Reviews of three recent books either by or about William Blake.

Here’s to My Sweet Satan reviewed.

Bonus linkage

Spiral Nature Assistant Editor Jenna Danchuk (Hathormetic) talks fashion and occultism on dresscodecracker with Sarah Innis (Daleth West), also a reviewer for our site!

Also, apparently fairy tales teach robots not to murder…?