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Nick Farrell recasts Aleister Crowley’s time in the Golden Dawn.

Running an occult group is actually pretty hard. A lot goes into it.

How to do tarot readings via email.

Your experience of time is subjective. (See also, Fotamecus.)


Get down in the winter? Try gratitude.

See also this excellent article on treating depression in a Pagan context.

Categories of ancient Greek gods.

What is a Lokean?

Changes in the Pagan activist community.

For some, compromise is not an option.

What religious freedom means to the high priest of the Church of Satan.

On reconstructionist versus non-reconstructionists.

So…post-Paganism is a thing now?

Considerations for creating and maintaining your altar.

On Greek door and garden shrines.

A great post on faith, feminism and gender.


An interview with Peter Bebergal, author of Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll.

A guide to Robert Cochrane.

Gordon White visits Pendle Hill.


Jason Miller reviews The Conjurer’s Guide to St Expedite.

The Magic of Nature Oracle reviewed.

A review of Julius Evola’s The Doctrine of Awakening.

Mary K Greer reviews The Imitation Game through tarot.