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Demystify illusions with cartomanic work.

On the transformative power of initiatory rites.

Tips for budding card readers.

Repeating numbers as messages from your guides.

On the inspiration behind The Magic of Flowers Oracle.

Hallowe’en’s the time for necromancy, and Tomas Prower wants to help.

On ritual purity.


When meditation is awkward.

Pagans and plants.

A guided meditation for Samhain.


Crafty encaustic tarot play.

A review of Crowley, the play.


Sorcerer’s Screed reviewed.

Phil Hine reviews Shikhandi: And Other Tales They Don’t Tell You.

Benebell Wen reviews The Fountain Tarot. (See our review of The Fountain Tarot.)

A review of Of the Arte Goetia.

The Practical Art of Divine Magic reviewed. (Our review coming soon.)

Calls for submission

The call for submissions to the Hermetic Library album for 2015 has been extended until 15 November 2015. Unpaid. Details here.