Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 29 June 2018

Magick linkage

Ritual scripts aren’t always necessary or desirable.

On Skyrim and magick within its world. On a related note, see “Shadowrun: How a video game changed my view of magick” by Donyae Coles and “Persona 5: A video game rife with occult themes” by Xenia.

Scott Stenwick’s notes on the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram.

Ok, so we we know that crystal magick can be healing, but what about the deadly minerals found in the earth? For safety’s sake, see “Crystals: How to buy your first one” by Donyae Coles.

Spirituality linkage

Thoughts on Pagan capitalism. I get his point, but at the same time, I want to support people who are doing good work. I want people to be able to make a living making the world a better place. We live in a capitalist system, and unfortunately resenting that isn’t going to change it.

On sacrifice in Heathenry.

John Beckett on Paganism as culture.

Reflections on the Pergamon altar of ancient Greece.

Occulture linkage

A kind of interview with Noel Heimpel, creator of the lovely Numinous Tarot. (You can also see a few sample cards in one-card divinations on our Instagram.)

Jason Mankey thinks we’re in a golden age of occult publishing, and while I’m not sure I agree, the list of publishers he’s drawn up to make his point is impressive. We would also add Anathema Publishing, Feral HouseGolden Hoard Press, Hadean Press, New World LibraryNorth Atlantic BooksOuroboros Press, and Watkins Publishing. Then, of course, there’s the non-book publishing side of things, and we get Blue Angel Publishing, Lo Scarabeo, Schiffer Publishing, Sounds True, and US Games, you get the idea… It’s a great place to start, though.

Reviews linkage

The Winnowing of White Witchcraft reviewed.

A review of the Numinous Tarot.

Six Ways: Approaches and Entries for Practical Magic reviewed.

A review of Tarot for Your Self.

Poppet Magick reviewed.

A review of the Spirit Within Tarot.

Calls for submission

Our usual monthly calls for articles and reviewers will go out around 1 July, so if you’re not on the list, get on it.

Bonus linkage

Australia’s blue-ringed octopus is adorable and deadly and I want her to be my new best friend?

Also, Cthulhu is cleaning up nuclear waste in the UK. No, really.