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On witchcraft and mental illness. Also check out our series on magick and mental health.

Some thoughts on poppet magick.

Spring magick, and the every day.

Benebell Wen has some thoughts on how to read tarot and the I Ching together.

Another underwhelming, but nonetheless rewarding encounter with the Holy Guardian Angel.


The earliest reference to Christ says he was a magician. Who’s surprised?

Vice discovers Discordianism.

Some thoughts on Heathenry and morality.

On bigotry and banning religious clothing in the workplace.

If you follow a Hellenic tradition, which gods should you worship daily?

Once you figure that how, how do you get your practice started?

Yvonne Aburrow breaks down to the responses to her inclusive Wicca survey, and the results are fascinating.


Game developers who are also witches. It’s more common than you’d think.

Brooklyn celebrated Pamela Colman Smith’s 139th birthday in February.

On a related note, is this depiction of The Universe from the Thoth deck the world’s largest tarot card?

Hey, neo-conservatives: “witch hunt” does not mean what you think it means.

Chas S. Clifton remembers Ed Steinbrecher.

Seven Earth-size planets orbit a nearby dwarf star. So, when can we expect visitors? Or are we going to have to knock on their doors first?

Jason Louv writes a brief biography of magician Austin Osman Spare.

Scott Stenwick has some thoughts about the anti-Trump ritual. Morgan Eckstein also has some thoughts. For another perspective, also check out Aaron Leitch’s article on the mass ritual binding of Trump.


Benebell Wen reviews Going Beyond the Little White Book, by Liz Worth.

Also, The Tarot Activity Book reviewed.

A review of The Sacred and the Profane.

Spiritual Alchemy reviewed.

A review of Craft of the Untamed.

Romantic Rationalist: A William Godwin Reader reviewed.

Phil Hine reviews An Introduction to Indian Philosophy.

Bonus linkage

Make up artist comes up with a cosplay look for each Sailor Scout in Sailor Moon and I am in love.