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Dancing with the Shadow : An introduction to shadow work at Spiral Nature

Dancing with the Shadow: An introduction to shadow work

For many years I have been doing shadow work, dipping into my own darkness in order to reveal what is found there and bring it into the light.
Indigenous Healing Psychology, by Richard Katz

Indigenous Healing Psychology, by Richard Katz

In Indigenous Healing Psychology, Richard Kats integrates mainstream and Indigenous psychology in a way that can lead to profound healing.

Trauma-informed meditation: Processing the past

Meditation requires us to come to terms with the ways in which our lives have shaped us, and that means coming to terms with the ways we have been wounded.

Mirror magick and self-love

Mirror magick gives us an opportunity to look ourselves in the face, and is a powerful tool in magical work, self-reflection, and powerful self-love.

Healing the mother archetype: Mortal gods and the divine feminine

Pursuing my relationship with the Goddess allows my mother to become more human. She no longer needs to stand in the place of the divine.
Purple pillows, thotfulspot

Three magical self-care rituals: Uplift, energize, and protect

We can use magick for self-care, and change our energy back to a positive force when life gets tough. Magick isn't just for outer change.
Happiness, photo by doug ellis

Mental health and magical practice: Learning to know thyself

I was diagnosed with clinical depression at age 12 and was told that I would never get better, never. In high school, I began to experiment with the occult.
Detail from 8 of Swords in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

8 swords and no hands

Tarot cards have an amazing power to evoke a personal response, but this seems particularly true with the 8 of Swords.
Pomegranate, photo by jacqueline

Pomegranates and trauma: Delving into the Underworld

Though I never chose to go there in the first place, I can never abandon the Underworld entirely, or the gifts it gave me.
The dark night of the soul, photo by Marko Milošević

Depression, the dark night of the soul and magick

The phenomenon of the dark night of the soul, feelings of desolation, despair and deep depression which occur when following the initiatory path of magick.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot