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How to self-enchant.

Is meditation a dangerous practice for bipolar people?

Morgan Daimler’s guide to dealing with non-human spirits.

On wall veves.

Scott Stenwick on the Greater and Lesser Pentagram Rituals and their uses.

Reconsidering the kabbalistic cross.

Planning is an important step in much of your occult work.

How to relax.

Digital divinations aren’t really a threat to professional practitioners.

A more subtle approach to sigil magick.

Reading double cards when divining with playing cards.

On the impact of silent words.

Magical advice on how to heal money issues with Venus.

Protest as a magical ritual.

On working with spirit animals or totems.

Yet another guide to sigil magick. See also Marik’s classic essay, “Sigils, servitors, and godforms: Part I.”

Astrology via Lilith.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are some ideas to help alleviate that.

On iron as protection against the fae.


A lost statue of Zeus has been recreated via 3D printing. Nifty.

Should non-Native peoples dismantle their dreamcatchers?

More thoughts on the angry and toxic dead.

Hero-worship, a beginner’s guide.

Why Druids love and need spiritual retreats.

On myth-making and personal gnosis.

Does Paganism have a concept of sin? Is this idea a hangover from Catholicism?

The full range of emotions are important for your spiritual health.

Underworld journeys and initiation.

An Oshun herbal.

John Halstead on Diagoras, the first Pagan atheist.

Religion, warriors, and violence.

Devotional practice can and should have consequences.

Can you be addicted to the “supernatural“?

What does it look like when you’re Pagan, but you don’t believe in the supernatural?

A kid-friendly rain prayer.

Some thoughts on the necessity of cleansing and shielding in spiritual work.


Is the Golden Dawn a Rosicrucian order? How Rosicrucian is the Golden Dawn, really?

Hermetic Christianity in the Golden Dawn.

Witchcraft shop refuses to serve fans of Harry Potter.

A review of Modern Pagans/Ancient Realms, an art exhibition in Minneapolis.

The history of flame wars in the Golden Dawn. And a recent one.

Lupa on the influence of Ted Andrews.

A brief history of the Starry Bull tradition.

Financial issues are a problem with Cherry Hill Seminary. Terrance P Ward interviews executive director Holli Emore to learn more.

A review of Awake and Asleep, an occult theatre project.

The Buckland Museum is schedulled to reopen.

Teen witches dig Tumblr. Also check out “31 occultnik Tumblrs worth following.”


Isis: Goddess of Egypt and India reviewed.

A review of The False Hierarchy of Demons.

Pieces of Eight reviewed.

A review of The Sacred Stones of Ireland.

Bonus linkage

Cheesy horror classic Tales from the Crypt is poised to return to television towards the end of 2017.