Tumblr is a wonderfully interactive social platform that takes blogging back to its roots as a weblog — literally a log of curated stuff found on the Web. Be it photos, images and other art, or links, excerpts from essays, tweets, Facebook screencaps — all liked, shared, and commented upon by hundreds of thousands of users. It’s brilliant.

The platform seems to favour politics, feminists and fandoms, but like any social network — it’s all about who you follow, and my perception here may be skewed by who I tend to interact with. There’s also a ton of great stuff to interest the budding and well experienced occultnik.

I’ve been on Tumblr for a few years now as plutopsyche, but Spiral Nature, as a website, just joined this April. We’re starting to see a pretty good following, but sometimes it can be difficult to find new people.

Recently chirotus responded to a follower looking to find more Pagans to follow on Tumblr, and in response I listed a bunch of the occultnik Tumblrs I follow on Spiral Nature’s account, and I thought I’d share an expanded version of that list with you.

Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed anyone, and share your Tumblr account below!

Authors, occultniks and magically-inclined folks


  • avalonia focuses on witchcraft and western esotericism
  • feralhouse publishes books on Satanism and the occult
  • innertraditions​ books on spirituality, magick, and occult history
  • scarletimprint​ publisher of gorgeous books
  • weiserbooks focuses on occult subjects and practical magick

Llewellyn Worldwide doesn’t seem to be on Tumblr, and nor New Page Books. Who else am I missing?

Websites, blogs, and magazines

  • invocatioblog​ a blog focusing on the academic side of occulture
  • lashtalcom​ a website dedicated to all things Aleister Crowley
  • pagansquare​ a multi-author blog about all things Paganism
  • parabola-magazine a magazine focusing on spirituality
  • spiral-nature a website about spirituality, magick and occulture (no shame)
  • technoccult​ a blog about occulture and…mutants?
  • thewildhuntblog​ a Pagan news blog

I follow hundreds of Tumblr accounts, but these the ones that are updated most frequently. Who else should we be following?