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How to make your own tarot pouch that doubles as a cloth spread.

Playing with queer cutups.

Speaking with the dead through tarot.

Prosperity magick.

Beth Maiden on how to get the most from a tarot reading.

Are you a tarot service professional? Benebell Wen has some great advice on how to win refund disputes.


Yet another attempt to trace myths back to their presumed primordial origins.

On the muses.

What are the similarities between Pagan religions and Shinto?

Paganism challenges many of the “traditional” ideas associated with the study of religions

Yvonne Aburrow on colour theory in Paganism.

Beguines, queer theory, and personal reflection interwoven. Love it.

It’s ok if you consider yourself before your gods.

Forgiveness is not the only solution, and often it may not be the best one.

Questioning your faith and what it means is totally ok.

The cult of Santa Muerte, Our Lady of the Holy Death, is said to be the fastest growing religion in the world.


Getting to know Diotima of Mantinea.

A new documentary focuses on Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, a group co-founded by Genesis P-Orridge to serve as an anticult.

Check out this exhibit on the art of the Ice Age.

Both Marchesa Luisa Casati‘s life and art sound fascinating.

Want to be a bard? Nimue Brown has advice on how to get started, and how often you need to practice.

A 9,000 year old spear was found in Poland, and it is believed to have ritual significance.

The otherwordly photographs of Dalí protégé Steven Arnold.

African origins of the word witch.

All of Scarlet Imprint’s title’s are now available on Kindle. (score!)


A review of Nothing but a Pack of Cards.

Trees are the Answer reviewed.

A review of the Golden Thread Tarot.

The Broken Cauldron reviewed.

A review of Of Shadows.

Doreen Valiente: Witch reviewed.

A review of Words of Re-Enchantment.

Bonus linkage

Necromancer brings back to life a once-dead argument.

On an (un)related note, check out the Queer Ghost Hunters of Ohio.