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Tabitha Dial on tarot and tea readings.

A muggle has a go at emoji magick.

Anarchy and magick. Two of my favourite subjects.

A neat exploration of tarot and handwriting.

Mirror magick and tarot.

How to make a Mercury retrograde protection bag.

Ancient Greek curse tablets recently uncovered. Nifty.

On prosperity magick.

An outline for a reconstructed Gaulish ritual system.

Reasons why you should create your own tarot deck.

The magick of birds. Why are we so obsessed with them?

Some thoughts on the Hanged Man in the tarot.

How to live with tiphareth consciousness in your day-to-day life.

An introduction to candle magick.


A budding Thelemite reveals how they came to this path.

On claiming personal leadership. For more on what leaders deal with, see also “Challenges and rewards of leadership.”

What makes a god a god?

The importance of silence.

On Mercury and movement.

On how your spirituality grows and changes with you.

What are the ethics behind devoting oneself in spiritual service to a god?

Advice on how to live a more Pagan life.


So, there’s a robot that looks like a monk called Xian’er that answers questions about Buddhism at Longquan Temple in Beijing, China. No, really.

An interview with Freya Aswynn.

Another breakdown for people who still don’t understand cultural appropriation or why it’s problematic.

On Michael Grab’s art and finding the still point.

A glowing endorsement of The Magicians that I wholeheartedly agree with. (Watch it. So good.)


The Art of Ritual reviewed.

A review of Shakespeare and the Stars.

The Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards reviewed.

A visual review of Front Porch Conjure’s Bag of Bones bone reading kit.

Tyr, issue 4 reviewed.

A review of The Chaos Protocols.

Book of Magic reviewed.

Bonus linkage

So, apparently rage yoga is a thing. Count me in.