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Getting to know the evil spirits of the new year.

A do-it-yourself divination boneset on display.

The numerology of 13.

What legendary magick looks like versus the real stuff.

The purpose of magick.

Get woke with Judgement.

Magick with spirits.

Got a new deck? Try this interview spread to get to know it better.

On the 40 qualified powers.

Advice for working with the fae.

Feeling worn out? Here’s an energy healing technique.

On empathy.

Planetary work with Mercury and the moon.

Get a headstart on the new year.

On tarot symbolism.

Magical tips for resisting Donald Trump.

Ways to use Sriracha in sorcery.

Make Mercury retrograde work for you.

If you’re so good at magick, why aren’t you rich?

On using alcohol in ritual.

A three-card spread: the good, the bad, and the mad.


On the whiteness of Paganism. See also, “Black witch blues: The whiteness of magick spaces.”

Advice for Wiccan newbies.

What does it really mean to be a Pagan Warrior?

One of the joys of practicing a new religion is that you can create new traditions.

Discordians Stick Apart,” a new paper on Discordianism.

On the Dark Goddess.

Self-care is a Pagan virtue.


The British Illuminates of Thanateros have a new journal out called Chaos Streams.

A field report from Revolution.

Scarlet Imprint may be producing a new edition of the Sola-Busca Tarot, barring copyright concerns.

An interview with John Reppion.


The Only Wiccan Spellbook You’ll Ever Need reviewed.

A review of Desire Paths: Real Walks into Nonreal Places.

Rainbow Body reviewed by Phil Hine.

A review of the Slow Holler Tarot.

The Linestrider Tarot reviewed. See also, “Siolo Thompson discusses her Linestrider Tarot.”

A review of Moon Magic.

Meditative Mandala Stones reviewed.

A review of Merlin.

Web of Life reviewed.

A review of The Lotus Sutra: A Biography.

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Five hours of Darth Vader’s burning corpse will replace your Yule log.

Newfoundland mummery is making a comeback.