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On Chiron and astrology.

Want to get expelled from your order? Here are some ways that might happen.

Some thoughts on what magick is for.

How to use herbal waters in your magical practice.

Advice for reading tarot at events. See also Donyae Coles’ article, “Reading tarot professionally at parties and events.”

On meditation, trance, and visioning.

Three techniques that could help you feel magical energy.

Thoughts on the Tarot de Marseilles.

Ideas for using tarot for prediction.

Do demons really have a strict hierarchy?

Herbal magick with gardenias.

Connecting with Hermes in a modern magical context.

Magick is about intent. But you can never wholly predict its outcomes.

The neophyte meditation in the Golden Dawn.

Making herbal beads. If you’re into witchy crafts, also check out Nicole Rain Seller’s article, “The Girdle of Ishtar: Magick for activists.”


On gender in the study of religions.

Thoughts on Sikhism and justice.

Who is Ares, really?

Interested in creating polytheist shrines in small spaces? Here are a few tips. See also Donyae Coles’ article, “Working with multiple pantheons: A beginner’s guide.”

As the seasons turn, consider planting a garden. If you’re low on space, container gardening might be for you.

Gods and rebellion and evil, oh my.

Notse on the faery Nicnevin.

Let’s not fool ourselves; harvesting medicinal plants for shamanic tourism is not sustainable.

The value of spending time with Demeter as a grieving goddess.


A Canadian official recommends the removal of Canada’s antiquated anti-witchcraft law.

An interview with chef Divya Alter about ayurvedic eating.

Is Pagan capitalism a thing? And if so, is it terrible?

An interview with Moonwater SilverClaw, the author of Be A Wiccan Badass.


A review of the Wisdom Seeker’s Tarot.

Lessons in Magic reviewed.

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A quick run down of some of Toronto’s public labyrinths. What gems are hiding in your city?