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Invocations to Agathodaimon.

How to create a charm for release.

On the element of earth.

Can meditation make you smarter?

Yet another definition and defense of magick. While you’re at it, check out the definitions we’ve collected in “What is magick?

Witches love potions.

“Necronomiquandry” is a word we should all add to our lexicons.

The mystery of ritual requires preparation.

What is the effect of the generation gap between tarot practitioners?

Yvonne Aburrow wants to talk about gender. We do too. See “Gender and the elements,” “God, Goddess, and Other: Fertility faiths and queer identities,” and “Honouring queer and nonbinary forms of nature.” For a start.


On science and animism.

Not all fae that come out at Litha are on your side.

On religious initiations.

Is evil necessary?

On Wicca’s Threefold Law.

The “Charge of the Goddess” and power as a virtue.

On tribalist heathenry.

This solstice will be a somber one for many.


Jason Mankey pitches four occultnik shows for television and I would watch all of them.

Coverage of Viridis Genii, an event in Damascus, Oregon.

Beauty, sex, and sexuality among Vikings.

On practicing traditional Hellenismos.

A book title explained.

Opinions on the value of the works of H.P. Lovecraft are divided, and they should be.

Community and the Chaos Magick Group Tarot.

An interview with Clementine Morrigan.

This article on the Necronomicon and the misappropriation of ancient texts has been making the rounds again.

Festival season is upon us once more, and Thorn Mooney has suggestions for what you should bring.  Though the advice not to bring along a towel contravenes the Hitchhiker’s Guide, so I’m not sure we can entirely support this list.


The Hezicos Tarot reviewed.

A review of Chaos Protocols.

Calls for submission

Megalithica Press has put out a call for papers for Trans Pagan: Life at the Intersection of Faith and Gender. Deadline: Unclear.

Baring the Aegis is looking for video subject submissions. Deadline: None.

Bonus linkage

There is a Twitterbot called The Lesser Bot (@ebooks_goetia) that produces endless entries in an imaginary daemonological grimoire. Thank you, Internet.