Wishing Bridge, Sagittarius - ShayanPisces, by Joanna Martine WoolfolkPisces, by Joanna Martine Woolfolk
Taylor Trade Publishing, 9781589795648, 90 pp., 2011

This book takes an in-depth look at the sign of Pisces and what it means.  Woolfolk stresses early in that sun sign descriptions are often too perfect and too cookie-cutter, and she wants to show the range of Pisces expressions. She does this by looking at Pisces in several ways, starting with how people perceive the Pisces, and how the Pisces person feels about themselves. Simple, but this is an important distinction, because it is easy to dismiss a sun sign description because it isn’t how you (want to) view yourself, so Woolfolk gives both sides.

Getting more involved, she looks at the decanates, cusps, and individual days, giving a more precise view of Pisces. Building on this, she adds in the Chinese zodiac so your year plays a part in your Pisces expression (though no justification is given for combining Western and Chinese astrology). I found the days an odd inclusion, as astrologically the emphasis should be on the degree in the sign, which is not the same as the day as those shift around so I’m unsure what her traits based on the day are stemming from.

This is the second book from Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s Sun Sign Series that I’ve reviewed. Like a lot of people, when evaluating astrological information I read about myself (Sagittarius) and my lover (Pisces) as we’re the two people I know and understand best, and thus the best subjects to relate the texts to.

The book contains a lot of the usual stuff you would expect; sections on Pisces and relationships, or careers, or health, associated colours and lucky numbers and so on. Much like the other book in this series I read,1  I’m glad to see Woolfolk taking a gamble with precision. Too often astrology books hedge their bets by being vague, but Woolfolk doesn’t dance around with her language, instead she is willing to take risks. That being said, in her description of the Pisces person I saw less of my lover than I notice in most books, so it’s hard to say if her gamble paid off, at least in this one case it doesn’t seem to have done so.

I will give largely the same recommendation I gave for the other book in this series: if you’re studying astrology, you probably don’t need this book, however if you are a Pisces, or are close to one, this book might be worth your time to read.

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