The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond, edited by Martine Vallée
Weiser Books, 9781578634576, 255 pp., 2009

“No doubt, there is a shift going on, not only in ourselves but in every country and in every culture. It’s huge and it is everywhere.”1

With this shift occurring Vallée collected the works in this book “To help you better understand and face these changes that every human being is feeling.” 2

Collected in this work are several well known channels in the New Age community, and some well known entities as well. The book features Lee Carroll channelling Kryon, Tom Kenyon channelling Mary Magdalen and The Hathors (13 members of the species known as Hathors whom were invited into our universe ten and a half million years ago in order to help keep balance, and whom the Egyptian Goddess is based upon) and lastly Patricia Cori channelling The High Council of Sirius. A veritable collection of the who’s who in the New Age community and those entities that are influencing humanity’s development, but only for the better, as they work against the Annunaki and other forces of darkness.

As one would expect from a New Age book like this, there was a lot of pseudo-science, with such things as mentions to the interdimensional nature of our DNA3, which explains that our junk DNA isn’t actually junk DNA, but merely a bridge to the higher dimensions of our DNA, and even our scientists realize this4. Our science has also “declared that ‘intelligent design’ is the way the Universe was created”5 and that there are no other options plausible or available.

Along with the pseudo-science, there is a fair amount of interesting perspective on history. Mary Magdeline having travelled to France with Jesus’s child6 which isn’t original or solely part of the New Age ideology, and that she was initiated into the Temple of Isis7, even as a Jewish woman.

Now other than my issues with the book, there were some redeeming parts to the right people. If you’re a New Ager, specifically a light worker, this is a book of hope. While I felt very little of the information was useful as predictions, if it is within your paradigm, it can be comforting to know who is working for humanity’s survival, and how simply we as individuals can better ourselves and work toward our evolution into the next dimension. Much of the book seem geared toward just keeping hope and compassion alive, perhaps so important as according to Kryon, Lightworkers have some of the lowest self-esteem out of any one8.

Largely a book of prophecy and “history” regarding earth, dealing with a majority of non-human influences, perhaps it would be more meaningful to some within the paradigm. Though if you’re an outsider wondering what New Agers foresee in our future, this is a book that can give you an insight into their world.

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