This technomagick device is used to combat various ephemeral entities which might plague the user, such as rogue servitors, enemy servitors, or various demons. It fires a burst of invigorated negative energy, which, like fireballs, disrupts a spirit’s energy conglomerate. Of course this weapon is still experimental, and might not work against the higher orders. The intensity of the blast probably works on other factors as well, such as the level of damaging energy the crystal has been charged with, and the voltage of the taser, as well as the intent and accuracy of the wielder.

As before mentioned, the weapon is experimental, and it’s effectiveness has not been examined against different types of energy based entities. Meaning, it has not been used against lots of spirits. The device might also function against humans, but there is no information about this currently. Any further data one might come upon will be wonderful for developing a new model sometime in the near future. If new field data is obtained, please mail to .

Due to the havoc energies contained in the crystal, storage of the device should be in silk, as it is unknown if the crystal seeps the negative energies it’s been charged with.

Construction of a Spirit Pistol


  • 1 2.5 quartz crystal point, other crystals might be used, but quartz is versatile
  • 1 stun gun, commonly referred to as a ‘taser’

Charge crystal with negative, destructive, ‘havoc’ energies. This can be done by dumping all anger and rage as energy into it, taking blood from injuring someone and rubbing it on the crystal, dipping it in unholy water, casting destructive spells into it, and whatever you can think of. This can be continued for as long as you wish.

Epoxy the crystal point between the contacts of the taser, so the plasma arc can touch it.


This weapon works on the theory that the havoc energies contained in the crystal can be empowered with the high voltage energy from the taser, and fired at a spirit target via the wielder’s mental accuracy. In theory, the crystal shouldn’t need more negative energy infusions after attachment to the taser, as the energy should be proper fuel, and the negativity would just be a focus for that energy, a tainted magnifying glass, if you will. However, long term use has not been tested, so that is more data I’d like to receive by anyone willing to create and field test this equipment.


This crystal focus/taser theory would most likely work as a healing agent, if the crystal were charged with nurturing, healing energy. This device is a project for later, which I might partake on in any time from now to three years.