The basis of this ritual is to unleash hidden, arcane, esoteric and occult knowledge. Its aim is to uncover the truth in all things and shed light on the darkness of ignorance. Its aim also is to question all things and to broaden the participant’s horizons into the world of greater knowledge. It involves the destruction of symbols of religious ignorance in an attempt to clear all perceptions to let the true light and divine glory of Lucifer to permeate your soul.

Materials to be used

  1. Seven candles (three white, 3 black and one yellow.)
  2. altar
  3. yellow altar covering
  4. mirror
  5. The Christian Bible and/or any religious texts. (If you were converted from Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, it would be considered especially fitting to use the holy book for that particular religion.)
  6. a copy of the sigil involved
  7. wand
  8. an Athame
  9. large cauldron of water


You will sit in front of your altar. The altar will be covered by the yellow cover. On the right side of the altar will situate the three white candles. On the left will be the black candles. In the middle will be the yellow candle to represent the knowledge and light of Prometheus, follower of Lucifer. In front of the yellow candle will be the wand, athame and cauldron. Behind the altar will be the mirror and drawn on the mirror will be the sigil, which will be provided. This is ideally performed in a large and airy room with plenty of light.

(Important safety note. The will be the burning of an object in this ritual and this could be dangerous. Caution is to be practiced.)


Light the candles and bless the performance area. Meditate in front of altar for five minutes. As you grow more and more into a trance, imagine an arc of light streaming through a shining gate and directly into your forehead. Now, imagine this permeating your entire body and your body becoming more and more invigorated. Now, imagine that gate opening and the body of Prometheus emerges. He is white as ivory and his hair and face are made entirely of yellow light. His feet are as black as marble and his hands are the color of the ocean. His right hand has a broken chain that use to bind him and his left hand is parallel to his breast and about a foot away and has red flame emerging from his palm. You come closer and closer to him and as you are about to touch the flame, you awaken.

First, take the athame and carve the pentagram into the air above the candle. Now, take the bible and touch it to the flame of the yellow candle and allow it to burn while intoning “burn, burn you infernal piece of ignorance. The dark gods will imprison my mind and soul no more. I burn this slave making nonsense by the flame of eternal knowledge and wisdom. Freedom sets the slaves free. Hail Prometheus”. When it starts to become a hazard, extinguish it by placing it in the cauldron.

Now take the wand and wave it around the cauldron while chanting “diawatha baradoniait dorianviouyo terazherila berhgoudh erhnoundeo. The sun god Ra and Lucifer dance the eternal dance. The Scarlet Whore cries in eternal incline as light is infused into the vortex. Hail Prometheus, eternal unleasher of knowledge and wisdom. Eternalities and stars collide in the eyes of the scarlet as she clutches onto her hedonism. The sage knows that her hedonism is in forbidden knowledge and the baseness only”. Now change your chant to the exclamation “Hail Prometheus, Prometheus Hail. Greatness is your divine grace as the laws prescribe. Knowledge will set you as free as the breaking of your invisible chains will. Freedom is yours for the taking.

Now chant the sigil, which will be written on the mirror.


Now stand and touch your breast and intone, “zha noh kho phon set”. Now touch your groin and intone “chon noh kahn pha set”. Now touch your abdomen and intone, “khen gor jahn tho set” and finally touch your forehead and intone, “khana shoran vorhan khav set”.

Now close your eyes and remember when you were about to touch the flame of Prometheus’s flame, except now you will touch the flame and absorb all the knowledge of Prometheus and set yourself free in all ways possible. You are now free as your soul is now yours in all true ways. Sing the song of Gorath-al-Korethia, Alchemionso-Tiradeiona.

Hail Prometheus
Hail Lucifer
Hail Thyself