I wish to explore these two topics which I see, in my opinion, as the grey area that is known to be ritual magic. First off I would like to say that it will be of great interest for the magic(K)ian or Magus to learn well the human body and what it consists of, and the principles of the universe. One’s body and brain steadily maintain a flow of what is called bio electrical energy or to be esoteric Kundalini flow or chi. Your thoughts generate electrical impulses, so with the altered induced state that a ritual will produce if performed correctly, will cause an abundance of this energy. The trick is to make use of this normally dissipated and wasted energy and to focus it in direct accordance with one’s will, showing that indeed the universe will bend unto the adept’s whims and desires.

Lust/love/sorrow/sympathy/pain/pleasure/hate and fear, if properly released can be used to manipulate one’s reality. In fact it will be the catalyst for change where change is needed.

This is contrary to popular belief that one must seek a “higher power” to elicit such change in one’s realm. Well none is higher than the self!

Tools that are used in ritual are just that! Tools! They have no more power than what one gives it. It is the need to believe these tools, be it sword, athame, dagger, chalice bell or candle (you get the idea) will help one enter into his/her altered state of consciousness like a shaman or what have you. It is this dimension of fantasy where all magic takes place.

When you have entered this state of being all that you employ will work on your subconscious mind. The world of symbols plays an important role as well. And that is what dreams are made of.

Of pray and predator, the midnight hour, the witching hour holds true to the case of hitting your victim while they sleep, for they are passive and will hold no fight. It would be as if you are sending a strong signal (electrical impulse) to them and they become a huge antenna receiving all that you send them. You have become the broadcaster, now all you need is an audience.

With a proper balance and an application of certain skills, there is not much one can not do. But these skills are what you learn through trial and error and experience.

What works for you might not work for another; no one can teach you how to apply magic in your life. At best you can be lead on the right path from another’s influence and experience.

In the deeper truth it is a task to learn yourself, as lonely as this path may seem to be it is in fact that common goals and common interest are seldom the same.

So it is upon that premise that you must create your own goals and aspirations and find the best means of working them out and achieving them one by one in the manner that you so choose. Beware of the one that says “I can teach you all this” or “I can make you a powerful warlock!” These are games of a conman and you will find many that will try to play upon your ego and your wallet at the same time.

The most common warning I can think of would be “Heed the one that teaches a spiritual pipe dream as some big revelation or some kind of grand secret.” Spiritual pipe dreams are for those that choose to hide from reality and enter into a fantasy world akin to the xtoids(Christianity). Although it might seem comforting to hear things such as “brother Jim is in a better place now”, it helps to keep a firm grasp on reality. The ritual chamber you use is another fantasy tool, but the difference is you know it is fantasy and you know that you are gaining from the fantasy; it will become your blue print for your reality.

Entropy is the scientific name that can be related to what is known as the dark force in nature. This dark force or yin force is the thing or principle that sustains and gives balance and evolution upon the universe.

It is the solve et coagula that pushes one into being, planting the seeds of life … and at the same time pulls one back into one’s primary essence (Death).

The Law of Entropy

The first law states that all matter and energy in the universe is constant and that it cannot be destroyed, only its form can change, but never its essence. The second law states that matter/energy can only be changed in one’s direction. That is from usable to unusable or from available to un-available.

According to the entropy law whenever a semblance of order is created anywhere on earth or in the universe it is done at the expense of causing a greater disorder (action/reaction/cause and effect) in the surrounding environment.

The entropy law reigns supreme over all physical reality in the universe. The thing that is important to remember is that we cannot create energy, and no person ever will! The only thing that we can do is transform energy to one state or another (magic?), and the energy that everyone and everything holds never dies or disappears… it is only transferred back to where it came (NATURE) Life after Death per say.