From: (A.B.Haigh)
Newsgroups: alt.magick
Subject: Shielding techniques for mediation and other reasons
Date: 3 Oct 93 17:27:35 GMT

At first I was going to post a copy of the middle pillar exercise, but on re-reading the material I realized that the specifics of this are truly unnecessary. What is important are the mechanics of the exercise.

Basically what one wants to do is to set up a clear space within one’s mind for the purpose of meditation or ritual work. The manner in which this is done is rather straightforward, one visualizes a sigil in each of the four cardinal directions, charging these sigils with power, and visualizing a wave of energy along each cardinal point outwards to infinity that sweeps everything out of its path.

The sigils used and the symbology associated with them are unimportant. What is important is that they hold meaning for you. Kabbalists can use YHVH, Christians can use Angels, Satanists can use demons, Wiccans can use their god/desses, Hermeticists can use the elements, Enochians can use the Lords of the Watchtowers, It really doesn’t matter what symbolism one uses so long as it is of import to you. Personally I use a very chaotic system that tends to change slightly each time, but it always ‘feels right’ and effects the desired result.

The pattern that one uses is also important, once one finds the sequence that feels right stick to it. I begin with North and work my way around the compass until I sweep through West and return to North for closure. Sometimes I will also hit the Heavens and the Abyss if I really want to close the space I am working in, but that is not necessary.

The important thing is to visualize a wave sweeping out from you that pushes all unwanted influences/imagery out of your sphere of working, effectively clearing a space on the astral and other planes that will allow you to work undistacted.

After you have cleared this space you can also charge your wards with power so that they will oppose any outside force from getting into your work space. I find that this is not necessary, but others might want to set up an elaborate system of wards. Personally, if you feel that the space you have set up is clear enough, that is enough.

So find symbols that hold power for you, use them to clear the cardinal directions, use them to ward those directions if you desire, then do whatever work it is that caused you to clear that space in the first place.

I hope this helps/informs/is found to be of interest.