Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 4 November 2018

Two major planetary shifts occur this week as Hidden Insights observes Uranus and Jupiter changing signs. This is paired with two harmonious trines, and promises a bounty of life-changing opportunities.

The week begins as the Sun makes its biannual trine to Neptune. Caring and compassionate energy flows easily to and from others for the majority of the week. On Friday, the trine between Venus and Mars carries the energy through the weekend, where happy encounters continue to put much of the world in a good mood. Charities and social welfare organizations will do very well this week, and they will receive a great deal of positive attention.

This week’s change of signs for Uranus and Jupiter will initiate year long changes due to the slower speed of the planets. On Tuesday, Uranus moves backwards into Aries where it will stay until 6 March 2019. Uranus will not visit Aries again until the year 2095. Over the next four months, groups around the world will be inspired once again to lead revolutions of change. The possibility of explosions, and natural disasters involving fire are more likely now as well. Purging through physical and metaphorical fire will occur to prepare for Uranus in Taurus next year.

For almost a year, Jupiter has spent its time in Scorpio. This has brought secrets to the surface, and investigations to the forefront of the global conscience. Taboo and sexuality have taken centre stage, particularly with the exposure of mass sexual assault investigations, and the #MeToo movement.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter now has the ability to move towards freedom and individuality. The world is ready to break free from constrictions. Sagittarius also rules philosophy, religion, and legal matters. The world is ready to debate, take important issues to court, and change previously held religious and moral doctrines.

Looking back at at the last time Jupiter passed through Sagittarius a number of significant philosophical changes took place. The Catholic Pope discontinued limbo for unborn babies and returned the power of priests to perform the traditional Latin Mass. The Episcopalian Church began to split of communion rites for the LGBTQ community. There was also a surge the publication of books on atheism, and the Pew Research Center found an exponential growth in the practice of Pagan faiths in the United States. We can expect to see faith, religion, and spirituality to make headlines over the next 12 months.

Astro Homework

While two planets change signs this week, your homework assignment will focus on the trines that occur. Embrace the peaceful, compassionate, and altruistic energy. Your challenge is to spend time participating in random acts of kindness, donating time or money to charitable causes, and reaching out those in need. Sharing a smile with a stranger on the street has the potential to change their day, and yours. With so much aggression, hate, and anger in the world we need to focus on riding these waves of harmonious energy to inspire small yet powerful changes.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

Aries Constellation, image by FreepikFinancial restrictions are finally starting to lift this week, Aries. Worry over debts begin to resolve, and you are able to put your concern to rest. This week also releases you from what has felt like a confining situation. The opportunity to reinvent your identity is possible now, and you can market yourself for a new direction. An opportunity this week gives you the chance to make money through a creative endeavour. Try your hand at candle making, writing, or carving. Right now you can make money selling your creations. Uranus moves back into Aries, which makes this a great week to apply for a new job, and take risks. Thursday’s lucky energy fills you with the spirit of adventure, as Jupiter and Uranus bless you with business success. Over the weekend, an encounter with in-laws or a friend’s parents is promised. They have advice for you that is necessary to hear, and should be taken.

Vacation spot: Cancun, Mexico

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

Taurus Constellation, image by FreepikFriends are your most powerful support network this week, Taurus, as those around you help you deal with a personal crisis or medical issue that has been on your mind. Overcoming a bad habit, compulsive behaviour, or addiction needs your attention right now. Those closest to you are able to help with this. Early in the week, an encounter with a medical professional leaves you feeling excited about the future. As Jupiter moves into your sector of joint finances and financial planning, you are on the verge of a major financial gain. Expect to receive credit and insurance coverage offers on Thursday and Friday. If you’ve been thinking about taking out a loan or opening a credit card, now is a great time to do it. The weekend brings attention to your work, and you will likely resolve an issue with a supervisor or coworker on Friday or Saturday.

Vacation spot: Santorini, Greece

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

Gemini Constellation, image by FreepikWork runs smoothly this week, Gemini, as the Sun and Neptune are on your side. Coworkers will be friendlier than usual, and you will be able to make meaningful connections with your supervisor. Most people look at going to work as a draining necessity. However, you will be vitalized by your work environment right now. This is also a great aspect if you work in sales or customer service. A new and exciting friend comes your way Tuesday or Wednesday. Take time to enjoy getting to know someone strikingly different from yourself. Meeting others continues over the weekend, and a new romance may be sparked. Be advised that Venus is still retrograde, and you should proceed with caution in any new relationships until mid-November.

Vacation spot: Montreal, Canada

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Cancer Constellation, image by FreepikFor the majority of the week, Cancer, you will be dreaming of getting away. The urge to escape from the pressures of every day responsibilities is overwhelming. Your preoccupation with getting away makes it difficult to be productive. Getting your work done becomes more difficult on Tuesday as Uranus returns to your 10th house. This makes it difficult to get along with supervisors, as well as with others in a position of authority over you. By the end of the week, Jupiter will balance this tension and make it easier for you to focus. Jupiter’s time in Sagittarius over the next 12 months helps you focus on the complex details of any project, task, or responsibility. All you need to do is get through this week to access Jupiter’s energy.

Vacation spot: Bali, Indonesia

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Leo Constellation, image by FreepikHarmony comes to your home this week, Leo, as you and those you live with work together to support one another during a financial transition. Having support at home will help you work through added stress at work. Nervous energy on Tuesday puts you in a bit of a funk. Fortunately, your family is there to help you refocus. As Jupiter changes signs, it will land in the playful and creative sector of your chart. Over the next year, you will more easily enjoy the finer things in life, have the opportunity to relax, and have a discussion surrounding children. This playful energy will begin to manifest over the weekend, and you may have the opportunity to travel.

Vacation spot: Sydney, Australia

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

Virgo Constellation, image by FreepikThe first half of your week will be spending running errands with others, Virgo. Friends and family members invite you to go shopping. These activities help you get out of the house, and away from a personal funk. On Tuesday, a message or call from a loved one puts you in a wonderful mood. You enjoy being appreciated, and someone will let you know just how much you mean to them. A financial surprise is also promised this week. This comes in the form of a rebate, bonus, or raise. Discussions about money continue on Friday, as budgets, bills, and join financial resources require your attention. Over the weekend, you should prepare to host guests. A gathering in your home brings the need to pay extra attention to the organization and cleanliness of your living space.

Vacation spot: Sicily, Italy

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

Libra Constellation, image by FreepikIt’s time to think about long term planning for your future, Libra. Conversations early in the week will review your income as well as your health. On Tuesday, spend time reviewing your stamina, and make plans to adjust how much work or exercise you can currently handle. A new partnership comes into focus on Wednesday, and you may even catch the eye of an exciting stranger. If you are single, this is a great week to flirt. As Jupiter moves into your sector of errands and daily travel, you can expect to spend more time on the go, short distance travelling, as well as interacting with a more diverse circle of individuals. Over the weekend, you will be spending time building, fixing, painting, or lifting to renovate your personal space, or creating and working on artistic projects.

Vacation spot: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

Scorpio Constellation, image by FreepikA series of surprising changes at work throw you off balance this week, Scorpio. You will also encounter a curve-ball or two relating to your daily routine. It may feel as though nothing is going right this week, and that is partially true. Uranus wants to shake up what is comfortable and move you away from the typical mould of society. At work this week you will need a variety of stimulating tasks. To help you express this need, ask a coworker or supervisor if there is other duties or projects you could help with. Finding creative ways to shake up your routine will prevent Uranus from doing it for you. Jupiter moves into your sector of financial gain and security this week and will remain there for the next year. It is time to start looking at ways to build your savings, diversify investments, and improve your earning power. Over the weekend, consider what you can do during the next 12 months to earn and save more money. If you start putting the work in now, Jupiter will see to your success by the end of next year.

Vacation spot: New York, New York, USA

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

Sagittarius Constellation, image by FreepikPurify your home this week, Sagittarius, as the Sun and Neptune allow you to make much needed changes to the energy in your living environment. As you are cleaning house both physically and mentally, a family secret may be revealed. A secret you have been holding from loved ones is causing you more stress than it is worth. Those around you will understand better than you expect. Clearing the air, no matter how scary, will help you feel better about yourself and make your connections with family stronger. Jupiter moves into your sign this week after 12 years away. When the planet of luck hits your sign, there isn’t anything that you can’t accomplish, and many born under the sign of the archer will find everything in life seems to be falling into place. This triggers the beginning of a year of personal growth and expansion. However, this often comes with physical expansion. You must be particularly attentive to fight weight gain. Over the weekend, escape to a coffee house, bar, or park with friends to help you decompress over the stress of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Vacation spot: Marrakesh, Morocco

Capricorn (21 December — 20 January)

Capricorn Constellation, image by FreepikSpending time with friends takes charge of your life this week, Capricorn, and you can expect to be busy with social gatherings and events. On Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to resolve an issue with a friend. Take time to enjoy reconnecting with others, and make sure you put aside time for fun. Your psychic intuition gets a boost this week, as you notice nightly dreams become more vivid. This is your chance to embrace the metaphysical side of your identity. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The weekend takes a serious tone as responsibilities come knocking at your door. While travelling on Saturday, be particularly attentive to your speed. While there is no promise of danger, you are due to receive a citation.

Vacation spot: Nassau, Bahamas

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

After last week’s intensity at work, Aquarius, you will be happy to enjoy renewed peace. Supervisors are inclined to be more relaxed and social with you. Last week’s unclear changes at work come to into focus with exciting news about pay on Wednesday. Uranus poses a transportation problem for you this week as it stations retrograde. You should be cautious of electrical and mechanical issues with your car. This includes cars you may travel in, as well as one you may own. Jupiter’s passage int your 11th house indicates a particularly social year. Sudden opportunities for success are to be expected. Over the weekend, an encounter with a stranger will introduce you to a new philosophy or outlook on life. Broaden your horizons and embrace diversity.

Vacation spot: Tokyo, Japan

Pisces (21 February — 20 March)

Pisces Constellation, image by FreepikFantasy fills your mind again this week, Pisces, and you can’t help but dream about far off places. Spending so much time in your own thoughts might make it difficult for you to notice the flirtation of someone around you. Tuesday brings the most romantic intensity with the potential for more than one interest trying to gain your affections. Midweek brings financial shock that may upset your bank account. Be cautious with spending, and don’t be surprised if an unexpected bill appears on Thursday. Jupiter’s passage into your 10th house brings luck and expansion to your work. Many Pisces’ will be getting new jobs over the next year, and on Saturday you mind will begin to wander towards new employment.

Vacation spot: Brussels, Belgium