Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 28 May 2017

We’re extra-sensitive this week and there’s real requirement for flexibility. Hidden Insights has advice for a week loaded with challenging planetary weather, one which is offset by an expansive, fortunate vibration that resonates throughout the weekend.

The challenges come in the shape of a T-square aspect involving Mars, Saturn and Chiron in the Mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. This builds to a Mutable Grand Cross on Friday 2 July 2017 once the Moon reaches the end of fellow mutable sign Virgo.

Mutability is about transition and preparing for change. With Mars and Saturn together, we’re already looking at a frustrated creative process. With the Wounded Healer Chiron in the mix, this frustration hits a particularly painful nerve.

By the time the Moon joins the fun in Virgo, the desire and requirement for tender and refined care towards the self and others will be high.

This dynamic aspect pattern is here to teach us that there are consequences to violence. Whether it’s a trauma from earlier in life which we have internalized; some harm we continue to inflict on ourselves; or what we witness in wider society. It’s here to teach us that we must be brave now and make a radical commitment to healing at all levels, or else.

It’s worth noting that radical and artful approaches are supported by the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries that lasts all week and forms a trine aspect to consolidating Saturn.

Thankfully on Saturday, 3 June 2017 we’re treated to a emotionally expansive Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Libra which trines the Sun in Gemini. This is a fortunate aspect that encourages social harmony and conversations that overflow with truth and beauty.

It also reminds us that, if loneliness is the particular cross we bear, how important it is to reach out verbally to our friends and loved ones.    

Here’s a look at what’s coming up for your sign this week:

Aries (21 March — 19 April)

With the Venus-Uranus conjunction in your sign this week, novel experiences are in the cards, Aries. You’re fired up both romantically and artistically. If you find yourself attracted to something or someone that defies your own conventional view of beauty the message is: Be optimistic and go for it. New passions can feel awkward at first, but it’s important to expand your horizons when it comes to your creativity as well as relationships of all kinds.

Your sacred object is: A pair of rose-tinted glasses.

Taurus (20 April — 20 May)

It’s neither healthy nor appropriate to keep silent about your feelings, Taurus. And if you repress things now, then it’s likely that you may be perceived as lacking integrity. You might feel like it’s poor timing, but the best course of action is one where you’re transparent- no matter how uncomfortable that might be. No more dancing around your issues. It’s time for a little honesty. (Even if it’s just with yourself.)

Your secret weapon is: Self-awareness.

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

Dear Gemini, if you attempt to understand everything that’s happening through logic alone then you’re likely to struggle. This week provides lessons about trusting something that can feel slightly alien to you at times – your intuition. Part of this is due to the fact that there are simply too many factors to take into account. It’s also to do with there being so many opinions flying around. If clarity is what you’re after, then you’ll need to stop seeking answers from outside of yourself.

Your ritual object is open and ready to receive wisdom from all sources.

Cancer (21 June — 22 July)

The more you feel at home, the more secure you feel — it’s that simple, Cancer. By now you’re likely aware of how a lack of sanctuary can throw you wildly off balance. So, take some responsibility for securing your own safe space wherever you find yourself. This needs to be somewhere you feel totally comfortable to drop your defenses. Somewhere you feel free to explore and resolve any agitation in peace.

Your patronus takes a break when they need one.

Leo (23 July — 22 August)

Maintaining an elevated perspective is what will make or break this week for you, Leo. Getting stuck on the details of things such as who-said-what will do nothing but restrict your creative response to various challenges. You can be active in the creation of your own luck by refusing to participate in minor drama. So as tempting as it might be –  take the high road. If you really need to defuse the tension, find a gracious way to laugh it off.

Your secret weapon is: Compassion.

Virgo (23 August — 22 September)

You could find yourself as the emotional mouthpiece, Virgo, as you find yourself increasingly expressive as we move through the week. By now you should have enough information to be able to decide where your attention is most well spent. You’re going to find that choosing your battles, and permitting yourself the freedom to articulate your opinion, is going to be liberating. Don’t wait too long.

Your sacred objects detect what’s important with great accuracy.

Libra (23 September — 22  October)

Peace of mind can be yours, Libra. Most people equate peace with a lack of uncertainty, but that’s just a trick. The truly peaceful among us are those who are able to accept uncertainty as part of the process. They accept discordance as well as harmony. It’s time to bring a little of the latter back into play. If you find yourself playing the same regretful tune over and over, or one which is all about resisting necessary change, consider changing the record.

Your holy mantra is dynamic – one that embraces the totality of experience.

Scorpio (23 October — 21 November)

You’re particularly sensitive to issues around self-worth this week, Scorpio. It’s important to realize that both refusing to stand up for yourself and being too quick to defend your point of view are destructive positions to occupy. There’s a sweet spot to be found. One where your personal sense of value provides a solid foundation from which to both express yourself, and be open to the needs and views of your significant others.

Your patronus is self-centred (in a good way).   

Sagittarius (22 November — 22 December)

It might just be best to throw the plan out the window and enjoy the ride, Sagittarius! I’m not saying that you should be looking for trouble. It’s more like you’d be better off if you accepted the lack of control that you currently have over everything. If you insist on keeping a tight grip on the reins, you’re actually more likely to crash when a wave of change comes. Relaxation is a path to flexibility.

Your secret weapon is: Adaptability.

Capricorn (22 December — 19 January)

This is a week where you can achieve a lot, Capricorn. You can turn a failure into an opportunity to make something happen. Or you might just suddenly feel inspired. However it is that you find yourself with energy and time for important projects, use it wisely to build momentum. I’d recommend taking advantage of the current cosmic fuel that’s on offer to get as many things ticked off your to do list as possible.

Your holy mantra is: What’s next?

Aquarius (20 January — 18 February)

Aquarius, your challenge this week is to balance your fixation regarding what’s important, alongside a requirement for lightness. It’s not about dropping your standards, it’s about being there for people in the appropriate way at any given time. It might be better to forget about any grand plans for righting the wrongs in the world for now, and bring yourself back into the here and now. Oddly, this will ultimately provide you with the energy you need to get ahead later on.

Your patronus is a team player.

Pisces (19 February — 20 March)

This week’s First Quarter Moon activates both home and personal relationships for you, Pisces. It’s traditionally a challenging aspect, signifying a catalyst of some kind. But it can be beautiful if the tension that’s implied is respected and faced in the spirit of love. It’s a vulnerable position and there’s so much power here. Step out of your comfort zone to embrace something greater than yourself.

Your secret weapon is: Fearlessness.