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Chaos magick: Doing what works and more

Chaos magick is results-oriented; it requires an honest appraisal of one's work and the effects achieved -- especially when results are not evident.
Altar - Jami Dwyer

100 Years of Fringe Religion: Thelema, Discordianism, Wicca, Satanism and…Atheism?

I was putting together a time-line for another essay when something occurred to me. Various religions that started as fringe have grown and expanded...
Pagan Christmas, by Christian Rätsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling

Pagan Christmas, by Christian Rätsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling

Far too often people focus of the most visible of Yuletide symbols and ignore the myriad of other details that surround Pagan Christmas.

Aradia, by Charles Godfrey Leland

Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, by Charles Godfrey Leland The Witches' Almanac, 9780982432358, 178 pp., 1899, 2010 Charles Godfrey Leland (1824-1903) was an American folklorist who...

Is it Hailing or Not (Are We Satanists?)

This slight annoyance of being regularly asked by ‘fluffy Pagans’ if we are Satanists probably goes with the territory of being chaos magicians -...

A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans, by Thea Sabin

A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans, by Thea Sabin Llewellyn Worldwide, 978-0-7387-2710-3, 309 pp., 2012 It has been a number of years since I have...

The Shamanic Witch, by Gail Wood

The Shamanic Witch, by Gail Wood Red Wheel/Weiser, 978-1-57863-430-9, 244 pp. (incl. Glossary, Notes, and Bibliography), 2008 The Shamanic Witch is targeted at introducing practicing witches to...

Night of the Witches, by Linda Raedisch

Night of the Witches: Folklore, Traditions and Recipes for Celebrating Walpurgis Night, by Linda Raedisch Llewellyn Worldwide, 978-0-7387-2058-6, 238 pp., 2011 This is a book which...

Witch Hunts, by Kerr Cuhulain

Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet, by Kerr Cuhulain Spiral Publishing, 9780975540367, 302 pp. (incl. appendices and bibliography), 2005 Kerr Cuhulain is a twenty-seven year...
Sunshine, photo by Mark Jensen

Everyday Sun Magic, by Dorothy Morrison

One might be better served leaving Everyday Sun Magic on the shelf and grabbing a basic astrology primer, an ephemeris and a copy of their own natal chart.
Fire Child, by Maxine Sanders

Fire Child, by Maxine Sanders

There are lessons to be learned from Maxine Sanders’s writing in Fire Child, some so simple that they are often forgotten.
Bread - CeresB

Salutation to the Heroes: November 11th or 12th

The Feast of the Einheriar or the Festival of the Einherjar is also known by other names including the Festival of Odhinn, the Feast...

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