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Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt, by Ruth Schumann Antelme & Stephane Rossini

Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt, by Ruth Schumann Antelme & Stephane...

Where uncertainty exists about the actual content or form of a given illustration, she points it out in Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt.
Carnal Alchemy, by Stephen Flowers and Crystal Dawn Flowers

Carnal Alchemy, by Crystal Dawn and Stephen Flowers

Overall, Carnal Alchemy is an intelligent primer on sex magick incorporating BDSM, and well recommended.

Review: Enochian World of Aleister Crowley, by Lon Milo DuQuette and...

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley: Enochian Sex Magick, by Lon Milo DuQuette and Christopher S. Hyatt, illustrated by David P. Wilson New Falcon Publications,...
Bedroom, photo by Brad Coy

Secrets of Western Sex Magic, by Frater U.: D.:

Secrets of Western Sex Magic is aimed at consensual adults of any sexual preference or orientation, be they gay, straight, or bisexual.

Promoting Positive Christian Intimacy & Sexuality: Tantra: The Old Lost Art...

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick.sex Subject: Re: The Tantra Date: 28 Apr 1995 20:18:42 GMT Our Sexually Immature Culture Our society is full of tease, titillation and men taught to look...
Bedroom, photo by Brad Coy

Sex and magick

No discipline of magick has attracted as much mumbo jumbo or misinformation as sex magick does.
Tree, photo by Romain Vallet

Live like a tree walking

Thought is the negation of knowledge. Be thy busyness with action only. Purge thyself of belief: live like a tree walking! Take no thought of good or evil. Become...

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