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Spell ingredients, photo by mpclemens

Make your own rituals: Choose your own adventure

Rituals provide a great deal of comfort in our lives. By making and fostering our own rituals, we can get the same soothing effects in our magick lives as well.
Omitola Yejide Ogunsina

Dawtas of the Moon: A chat with Omitola Yejide Ogunsina

Omitola Yejide Ogunsina is the founder of Dawtas of the Moon, a convention for Black witches to meet and share their knowledge with each other. We sat down and chatted with Ogunsina to find out more about the convention and her beliefs.
Oculus at the Pantheon, photo by Mark McQuitty

Working with multiple pantheons: A beginner’s guide

There are many gods and goddess across many different cultures. As we learn more and more about the world around us, it’s no surprise that we feel drawn to various pantheons, after all, we contain multitudes. Working with many different gods can seem confusing but it can be done and is in fact done by many people.
Magic of Isis, by Alana Fairchild

Magic of Isis, by Alana Fairchild

Magic of Isis, by Alana Fairchild is a book of incantations and prayers featuring gods and goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon, particularly Isis. As a coffee table book, it works very well. As a spiritual text, I found it lacking.
Prayer, photo by Sundaram Ramaswamy

A Book of Pagan Prayer, by Ceisiwr Serith

A Book of Pagan Prayer is a book I never thought I would see. Most of the Pagans I know aren't big on formalized, scripted prayer.

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Tattoo Tarot