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The Soul of Ancient Egypt: Restoring the Spiritual Engine of the World, by Robert Bauval

The Soul of Ancient Egypt, by Robert Bauval and Ahmed Osman

A fascinating read, The Soul of Ancient Egypt would be excellent for anyone interested in history, specifically in the ways regions are shaped.

A Witch’s Pyramid of Inclusivity

The conversations surrounding accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, and representation have come to the forefront of many Pagan and occult circles.
Ancient Egyptian Magic, by Eleanor Harris

Ancient Egyptian Magic, by Eleanor Harris

Ancient Egyptian Magic provides a place to get started with divination, spell casting, and dressing like a sau.


APIKORSUS An essay on the diverse practices of CHAOS MAGICK from the Lincoln Order Of Neuromancers L.O.O.N. compiled by SKaRaB, SNaKe, Sister Apple & Bro. Moebius B This is a chain...

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Occultnik Cabal



Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot