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Figs on tree, photo by Martin LaBar

How to talk about health and magick, shame-free

Health means something different for different bodies but when we speak of it as a lifestyle, it means extreme “clean” eating and living, including but not limited to veganism or using only natural products in your home and on your body. For some, this lifestyle has been incorporated into their practice and they believe that others should partake in it. However, the sharing of this lifestyle often brings shame in magick communities and ultimately begs the question of whether or not such shame has any place in spiritual circles. Can you talk about magick and health at all?
mabon 09 by Jenandollie.blogspot.com (flickr)

Mabon: A time of balance and care

Mabon is the celebration of the end of the harvest, here are some simple things that you can do to celebrate this time of year.
Basil and knife, photo by Mark Bonica

Springtime kitchen witchery: 10 herbs for protection, peace, and luck

Using herbs and spices for their magical qualities as well as taste can help practitioners work more magick in their everyday lives.

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Tattoo Tarot