In most forms of Wicca, the Goddess and God are revered. This is central to Wiccan theology.

Wiccans also have a belief in reincarnation, which is one of the most wide-spread of Wiccan beliefs; although; precisely how and why one incarnates several times is open to mystical speculation and explanations vary between traditions.

It is also believed that power can be sent in non-physical form to affect the world in both positive and negative ways. Wiccans accept both the practice of magick and its effectiveness. There is also a strong belief in the Threefold Law; which states that whatever you to will return to you three-fold (this includes both positive and negative things.) Precisely how this energy is returned has been a matter of great speculation and there is no one definite universal answer.

Wiccans hold a reverence for Nature, and the Earth – as they are seen as representing the Goddess. That the earth is a gift, not a tool that one can ruthlessly abuse. Ecological concerns are rather new in Wicca, but now pay an important role.

Wiccans aren’t evangelical. They do not believe they have the need to go out and ‘spread the word’. Wiccans believe that all the Gods are but one God and that all the Goddesses are but one Goddess; and that together, they form the (Mighty) One. Therefore there is no need to go forcing one’s beliefs on people; and most hold that all paths are equally valid.

Wicca accepts members from both sexes, from every race, national origin and, usually, of every sexual preference.

Wicca is a religion, not a political organization. Groups of Wiccan people can and sometimes do work toward a common case, and individual Wiccans may indeed become personally involved in the political system, but Wicca as a whole isn’t a religion that preaches issues or supports specific political candidates.

Wiccan covens don’t usually charge for private lessons or for initiation. Physical objects created by Wiccans and services can and should be paid for, but not personal, private Wiccan instruction or initiation.

Wiccans do not sacrifices animals or people in rituals! Wiccans do not cause harm to others. It goes against the Wiccan Creed: “An ye harm none, do what ye will”. This Creed is generally accepted by most Wiccans.


These beliefs are not held by all Wiccans, and there are, of course, many beliefs that are not presented here. This is just meant to give a brief overview of many ‘traditional’ Wiccan systems of thought.