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Getting to know your local land spirits.

Think you literally can’t even? Try this rite.


What does it mean to believe in Paganism?

Contemporary prayers for the Norse gods.


Another geezer rants about back in the day. I love these. I really do.

Watch Ian Cat Vincent’s talk on Robert Anton Wilson at Treadwell’s.


A review of Loneliness and Revelation. (See our review of Loneliness and Revelation here.)

Divine Magic reviewed.

A review of The Oracle Travels Light. (Our review forthcoming. Stay tuned!)

The Celebrity Goddess Tarot reviewed.

A review of Trolldom: Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition.

Calls for submission

A new anthology tentatively titled The Rough Road and the Fallow Field: Navigating the Hard Times Going Through the Fallow Times is seeking submissions on times when gods and spirits have been absent from your life. Unpaid. Deadline: 21 September 2015.