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Brief intoduction to the use of ritual oils.

Creating good questions for divination.

On the various names of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Or whatever it’s called.


Feminism and the future of religion, parts I and II. It’s a little dated, but an interesting read nonetheless.

Why doesn’t everyone believe in gods?

On Pagan politics.

Going beyond the gender binary in Paganism. (See also, “God, Goddess, and Other: Fertility faiths and queer identities,” and “Honouring queer and non-binary forms of nature.”)


People who don’t read the works of Aleister Crowley are surprised to discover he was a hardcore misogynist and racist. Those of us who are well read are hardly surprised. Crowley apologists will attempt to make excuses for this, but it remains true: Crowley was an asshole of a human being. So what does that mean for his magical work?

On witchy tourism in Salem.

A brief history of the Rider Tarot.

Authors, cite your sources.

A brief documentary on lifestyle vampires.


A review of Techniques of Solomonic Magic.

Mandragora reviewed.

A review of Ars Notoria.

Calls for submission

A workshop titled Generation Hex: The Politics of Contemporary Paganism is looking for academic papers, and is headed by Jonathan Woolley of University of Cambridge; Kavita Maya, SOAS of the University of London; and Elizabeth Cruse, a Druid Elder and activist. It will take place in Cambridge, England on 10 September 2015. Deadline: Unclear.


So, there’s a spot on Pluto named after Cthulhu.