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Remembering Marc Pournier – 1987-2015- Pagan community member and creator of the Facebook group, The Cauldron. 


Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn manuscripts appraised on Antique Roadshow.

The high price of high magick?

Damien Echols on how meditation and magick helped him through the toughest of times.


Celebrating Saint Sagan.

An illustrated family tree of Egyptian deities.


Sex, magick, and sex magick = pornomancers?

Magicians of history.

A parable of cultural appropriation.

And while we’re on the subject: Yoga class banned for cultural appropriation?

Okay but seriously people, cultural appropriation.

T. Thorn Coyle and Marissa Evans arrested at Black Friday 14 Protests.


Faerie Magazine reviewed in the NY Times.

Bonus linkage

Pagan Thanksgiving recipes, for all you Americans, and also the rest of us, who like food.