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On the power of offerings, even to beings who don’t really need them.

Ethically crafted ritual tools. I feel like this extends beyond the Pagan sphere, and ought to apply to the rest of us as well. (See also, “How to craft a wand.”)

Taylor Ellwood interviews Brandy Williams about The Woman Magician and more.

On taking a magical name.

Oh, that silly ol’ grimoire crowd. (And yeah, I noticed the diss to chaos magick too.)


Does a deity’s popularity wax and wane like a fad,or is who you worship a reflection of the zeitgeist?

On the power of breath.

Does mindfulness actually mean anything?

Jason Mankey interviews Jo Carson about Feraferia.

Irish Druids are officially indigenous?


You’ve probably heard about that one-ton Baphomet monument… but have you seen this?


Norse Goddess Magic reviewed.

Ges reviews The Legend of Zelda Tarot. No, really. That’s a thing.

Lucifer: Princeps reviewed.

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