Spiral Nature Linkage Friday, 7 July 2017Magick

Working with yesod.

Why bad luck comes in threes. For advice on inviting good luck, see Jarred Triskelion’s “Writing good luck spells.”

How to make butterfly ink for your talismanic work.

What’s the difference between a general and a specific divinatory reading?

It’s important to consider the ethics of love magick.

Brandy Williams on why magick is for everyone.

A Satanic argument against occultism.

Understanding the knight cards in tarot.


Phil Hine on tantra and possession.

On the boline and its use in Wicca and witchcraft.

Druidry and Christianity can maybe come together, but Nazis? Fuck Nazis.

A history of printed books of shadows.

Invocations to familiar Greek gods.

Chas Clifton outlines some of the problems with large-scale Pagan rituals.


How iron became the bane of the fair folk.

On Rose Kelly and the voices she heard that lead to the founding of Thelema.

How Wonder Woman serves as a model for women and priestesses.

We love histories of occult publications, and this one on Iron Mountain and others is sweet. See also Psyche’s “Occult zines as cultural artifacts.”

If you’re familiar with Aleister Crowley’s biography, this listicle may not offer anything new, but who doesn’t love a listicle?

Aaron Leitch on American Gods and where gods come from.


The Mythic Journey reviewed.

A review of the Golden Botticelli Tarot.

The Crane Bag reviewed.

A review of the Tarot of Bones.

Goddess Wisdom reviewed.

A review of The Fortune Teller.

The Witch’s Book of Shadows reviewed.

A review of The Good People.

The Art of Ritual reviewed. Also check out Daleth West’s review.

A review of The Path of Paganism.

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Bonus linkage

Reading paper books is the way to go, says science.

Though reading this completely random ranking of religions prolly isn’t going to help. (And no way is Christianity better than Sikhism. Sikhism is awesome.)