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Ways to incorporate witchcraft into your daily practice.

The seals of the seven plants from a 16th century manuscript. Nifty.

Planetary work with the sun.

Witchcraft isn’t white: a gentle reminder. See also, “Black witch blues: The whiteness of magick spaces.”

Some end of year tarot spreads to help you plan for what’s coming.

Infuse blessings in the foods you prepare this season to reduce hostility.

Tarot spreads and magick for creating wealth — definitely needed at this time of year.

Listen to recordings of Aleister Crowley reading Enochian calls and his poetry.


On the generosity of the Vanir and a prayer of thanks.

The Church of Satan versus the Satanic Temple are feuding.

On the season’s lords of misrule.

Maybe mindfulness isn’t all its made out to be.

Lupa on confirmation bias.

On the realm of the ancestors.

Excellent Black Girl Dangerous podcast about cultural appropriation in communities of colour.

Poseideon’s divine triad.


An account of Witchfest 2016.

Princess Nokia’s “Brujas” video is a spiritual ode to Orishas and The Craft.

Austin Osman Spare’s work will be on display at an exhibition titled A Focus on a Life at the Atlantis Bookshop in London. The exhibition runs from 2 December to 18 December 2016. Jelly of all the people in and around London who get to see this. Anyone want to cover the exhibition for us? We pay.

Douglas Rushkoff on his new graphic novel, Aleister and Adolf.

The voting platform for the International Tarot Foundation’s Carta Awards is now out. Here you can vote for your favourites of 2016, including decks that have been featured on Spiral Nature, like the Lucky Lenormand and The Green Witch Tarot!

New York Times profile on Lady Rhea, a Bronx based Wiccan High Priestess.

The occult lives of members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn… in puppets. No, really.

Eight sad, unlovable beasts and where to find them (and why cats have nine lives).


A review of The Awakened Soul Oracle Cards.

The London Lore Tarot reviewed.

A review of the Starlight Dragon Tarot.

Bonus linkage

Anne Rice is working on bringing The Vampire Chronicles to television. I’m excited. Are you excited?