Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 14 September 2018

Occulture linkage

So, witch kits are nothing new. Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. And magick stuff is cool, but is there such thing as too much? On a related note, consider what callout culture does, who it serves, and how you can do it better. That said, I hardly think chaos magick is “white dude magick.” At least, not at its roots. Maybe this new alt-right breed that’s trying to appropriate the appropriated, but, I mean, that’s not our fault. I think we can all agree that Thelema is a much better fit. Right? Turns out, publishing a tarot deck is hella expensive. Witch and artist Monica Bodirsky on Canada’s newly repealed witchcraft ban. Also check out her guide to the United States’ witch city, “A witch’s guide to Salem: Navigating the sacred and the profane.” A history of the UK’s Jack-in-the-Green. The Satanic Temple in Indiana is cleaning up the highway they’ve adopted, and local residents are angry. An interview with Thorn Mooney about Wicca. I had no idea there was a witchcraft museum in Ontario, but the Witch Hunt Museum is a private collection with some photos online. Check it out. Items from the UK’s Museum of Witchcraft and Magic are on tour in various cities and towns in the UK, so here’s your chance to see a few nifty things.

Magick linkage

Yes, it’s ok to mix magick and politics. In fact, as Donyae Coles’ notes, there’s a long history of it. See, “Enchanted resistance: A history of political magick.” On early modern Islamic magick, and its influences on Christian Europeans. What it’s like when magick is a part of your everyday. Getting to know garlic. Mary K. Greer explores the Assens-Flornoy Pyramid spread On Venezuelan witchcraft. Black obsidian and death. When you practice magick, it’s important to understand what you want — and why. On The Arbatel. If you want to claim certain things about magical practice, it’s usually best to do your own research. Also, it’s ok if magical practice evolves with time and experience.

Spirituality linkage

What defines Hellenismos? Storytelling and The Mabinogion. Mabon isn’t the worst holiday ever, ok?

Reviews linkage

Diagoras of Melos: A Contribution to the History of Ancient Atheism reviewed. A review of Travelling the Fairy Path. Achilles: Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World reviewed. A review of The New Aradia: A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance. Naked Tarot reviewed. A review of Dark Star Rising. Tarot of Enchanted Dreams reviewed. A Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance retrospective. The Plant Spirit Familiar reviewed. Real Magic reviewed.

Bonus linkage

This 50,000 year old frozen kitten is kind of amazing. Also, it turns out that bats complain a lot. Me too, fuzzy, me too.