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Hallowe’en’s over (sigh), and, yes, witches are still around.

Walnut tree magick.

A tarot spread for the revolution.

Vice has an article about “lonely dudes using magick to get laid,” and Scott Steinwick has an analysis.

Techniques for crisis magick.

Money magick in London.

Making a magick wand. See also, “How to make a wand.”

Is validation that your magick is working actually important?

Fearlessness and tarot.

Check out “Thee Devil’s Handshake: A Wytche’s Grammer of Antifascism.”

Planetary work with Saturn.

Tarot cards for strength and brilliance.

Charging candles by the light of the supermoon.


On goblins.

IAO131 has come up with a Thelemic Political Manifesto that’s def worth a look.

Mysticism and queer nuns.

A round up of recommended books on Vodoun.

Thorn Mooney with five signs you shouldn’t lead a Pagan group. See also Courney Weber’s article,”Challenges and rewards of leadership.”

Are you heathen? Huginn Heathen Hof has created a global Heathen demographic survey you might be interested in filling out.


On solidarity networks.

Are you descended from witches? Or, those who were persecuted for witchcraft, anyway.

On Doctor Stranges history with occultism and  orientalism.

Apparently fashion designers are getting inspired by witchcraft on the Isle of Man.

Maybe you’re descended from one of the witches who stole penises and kept them as pets?

On tree activism.

Advice from our weekly astrologer, Liz Worth, on what to expect in the first year of running a tarot business. Also a good read for anyone looking to do any kind of creative self-employment.


A review of Lost Teachings of the Cathars.

Living Thelema reviewed.

A review of Radical Dharma.

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness reviewed.

A review of Gods and Goddesses of Ireland.

Along the Way reviewed.

Calls for submission

The Witchcraft Museum is calling for articles for the Witchcraft Reserach Centre. Deadline: 1 March 2017.

Bonus linkage

Apparently Millenials on spirit quests are ruining everything about ayahuasca.