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On radical herb gathering.

Scott Stenwick’s series on magical models continues.

Meanwhile, the Dubious Monk revisits the psychological model of magick.

On ritual tools.

Honouring fortune-telling and the person who tells it.

Techniques for blocking unwanted energy.

Aaron Leitch reevaluates recent reevaluations of the Holy Guardian Angel.


On the importance of reframing your spiritual practice.

Mercy as a virtue of the Goddess.

Why you should talk with your spirit guides daily.

Hosting, conducting, attending, or participating in public rituals isn’t easy.

Working with ancestors.

Jason Mankey relates a pilgrimage devoted to Doreen Valiente. See also, “How to plan a pilgrimage.”

Looking for signs of acceptance from the gods.

Is a bad ritual better than no ritual at all?


Cartomancer Frank Jensen remembered.

Another eulogy for Frank Jensen from Lyn Howarth-Olds.

On Georges Bataille and notes toward a treatise on Averse Gnosticism.

Remembering Gavin Frost.

A reminder that some of the Frosts’ teachings raised concerns.

Jason Mankey’s reflections on Gavin Frost and his legacy.

More on exactly what it was that they wrote, and why it was horrific.

On Hellenic architectural orders.

An interview with Courtney Alexander, creator of the Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck.

On teaching and internal conflict.

Peregrin rants about occult publishing standards, and the need for readers.

Moon Books publishes a lot of great books about Druidry, and books by Druids. Psyche’s personal favourite on that list is The Earth, The Gods and The Soul: A History of Pagan Philosophy, by Brendan Myers.


Baby’s First Mythos reviewed.

A review of Communing with the Spirits.

San Pedro: The Gateway to Wisdom reviewed. Also, look for Susan Starr’s review on Spiral Nature in the coming weeks!

Bonus linkage

Giant moons on the loose in Fuzhou, China. Typhoon Meranti may have ruined the view of the moon during the Mid-Autumun Festivals, but that can’t keep the moon (pinned) down.