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Interpreting the court cards in tarot.

On pigeon magick.

Yet another introductory guide to meditation for budding magicians.

How to make a spell jar.

When a divination points to the negative, how do you handle it? Here’s Camelia Elias’s take, and here’s how Psyche handles it.

On Saturn and time lords. No, not that kind.

The results of a placebo-controlled sigilization experiment with spreadsheets and everything.

On Taiwanese poe divination.

How do you distinguish between visions, hallucinations, and delusions?

Field notes from a medium’s first trace.

On writing a book as a form of initiation.

Constructing a construction of a boveda or ancestral altar. and creating a portal between worlds.


What’s the deal with “vending machine religion“?

Not all religious traditions fear death.

When you come to Paganism, it’s probably best for everyone if you drop your baggage.

A personal response to polytheism.

Devotion and divination.

Yet another debate about Pagan atheism, and whether or not it’s an oxymoron.

On gods in disguise.

Tiny altar in a tin. See also, “Portable shrines: You can take it with you.”

States of “robust tranquility” in Hellenistic practice.

Connecting to the scared feminine.

Journalling with tarot.

Growth and exploration in Paganism, one year on.

Making masks for and with Dionysus.

Jason Mankey on experiencing intense spiritual moments.

Is white Buddhism cultural appropriation?

Sarah Anne Lawless on animism at the dinner table.


A lengthy and on-going interview with Galina Krasskova.

Roman curse tablets made of gold have been discovered in Serbia. Cool.

Did the ancient Greeks practice human sacrifice?

An interview with bone reader Shaun Laveau.

On oath-keeping and community.

Alienation and the hero’s return.

How Christian is the Golden Dawn? Truth: super-Christian.

Brandy Williams on the Ordo Templi Orientis Women’s Symposium, and why it is important.


Satanic Panic: 1980s Pop-Cultural Paranoia reviewed.

A review of Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History.

Calls for submission

Feasts of the Gods: Food and Drink in Contemporary Paganism is looking for papers. It will be published as part of Equinox Publishing’s Contemporary and Historical Paganism Series. Deadline for abstracts: 30 September 2016.

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Pity this call for a pop culture blogger cum demon hunter is a parody.