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Jason Miller weighs in on the pros and cons of remaining traditional or getting creative with your ritual accoutrements.

On power and witchcraft.

How and why to make a rose wand.

Ritual offerings aren’t always necessary or even wanted.

Techniques for sensing energy.

Tarot and nonbinary identities.

Cut cords with Michael in your corner.

On invoking six elements in ritual.

Power animals aren’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Want to make Solomonic herbal holy water? Aaron Leitch has a recipe, with pics.

How to choose a magical name.

On active dreaming.

Yes, those keywords associated with your tarot deck can be useful.

Ritual is important.


On Saint Julian.

Sacred geographies.

On finding stillness.

Doing household chores can heighten your spiritual awareness, if you do it with the right mindset.

Widen your lens.

On what an inclusive coven looks like.

Meditation and the centre.

On world-making as Pagans.

However, should you wish to make an offering, here are a few suggestions.

Great tips for both hosting and attending Pagan meet ups.

The Pagan queer are out.

Celebrating the summer solstice.

The scared wilderness and negating the profane.

On the importance of heresy.

The title of this article is “The greatest philosopher you’ve never heard of,” but it was written for a generalist audience at NPR. We’re going to assume our readers are better read, and many have, in fact, heard of Dogen, but if you haven’t, or if you’d like to learn more, this isn’t a bad place to start.


Belladonna of Sadness reconsidered in view of witchcraft, Satanism, and the male gaze.

An interview with Ambrozine LeGare.

The witch and the fashion industry‘s take its feminist symbolism.

Jake Stratton-Kent interviewed.

Modern women reclaiming the occult from its misogynist past.

Liz Worth on tarot, punk, and life.

The history of New York’s Warlock Shop.


The Goddess Pose reviewed.

A review of The Space [Within].

Godless Paganism reviewed.

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Psychic snail sex would never replace the telegraph.