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Great advice for explaining magick to people who just aren’t that into it.

Is the OTO a “black magick cult”? Kind of?

Stop using Mercury retrograde as an excuse for acting like a ditz.

An account of energy healing.

Can mindfulness meditation have negative effects?

Rituals to make you a happier person.

Think you have transcended the need for ritual tools?

Use tarot in your spell work? Sasha Graham has put together a list of 15 cards that cater to specific needs.

In amidst all the back and forth about Jupiter on between Jason Miller of Strategic Sorcery and Gordon White of Rune Soup, here’s Beth Maiden redefining abundance.


Do you have to believe in ghosts to believe in religion?

What happens when you officiate a handfasting, and why.

The ’90s was a magical time that saw a proliferation of witch-positive representations of empowered young women. That they had little relationship to practical witchcraft or Wicca proved irrelevant. Dedicated teens and young adults found their way to ye olde witchy artes all the same.

Why Pagans worship, and what it might mean.

On being a “cool” witch.

Pagan Ireland calls out homophobes and all sensible people love them for it..

When you get right down to it, we’re all solitary practitioners.


On Madame Blavatsky.

A peak into the Temple of Higher Thought.

The Psychoanalysis, Art and the Occult is a three-day symposium in London, taking place from 7-9 May 2016, from 7-9 pm. Anyone interested in covering this for Spiral Nature? We pay.

Taste of Cinema lists 10 films influenced by modern occultism. Also see our list of iconic occult documentaries.


Mogg Morgan’s book¬†Isis: Goddess of Egypt and India reviewed. Also see Mogg’s recent article, “Mysteries of Isis.”

Enochian Magic in Theory reviewed.

Dave Lee reviews two books on Icelandic magick.

Whispers from the Earth reviewed.

A review of Godless Paganism.

Bonus linkage

Rumours of an occult search service from Google pop up, but it’s unlikely to be legit as I can’t find anything that corroborates it. Still, we can dream, right?