Spiral Nature Linkage Friday, 12 January 2018

Magick linkage

On wassailing.

Notes on projecting energy with your hands.

Aaron Leitch on magical universe-hopping.

How to create inclusive rituals.

Tarot is not therapy.

Thoughts on astrology and the placement of the modern planets.

Nick Farrell on the demon Vepar.

On divining with prayer beads.

Menstrual blood can be sacred, and it can be powerful. See Chrysanthemum White Alder’s “Menstruation and magick: Reclaiming the power of the body” for more.

Spirituality linkage

On creating communities of care.

A Pagan approach to meditation. Also check out Donyae Coles’ article, “Meditation: Four techniques to get you started.”

Hell has been different things to different people across time and place.

On a related note, The Guardian thinks the Church of Satan is cool.

Spirituality can also be joyful.

Atheopaganism has no leaders.

Does the new year mark the end of an age?

Or, as James Wasserman suggests,  the Dawning of the Age of the Child?

Thoughts on religious literacy with a particularly Pagan bent.

Mythology doesn’t come from one place, and neither, ultimately, do we.

Historically, Pagans haven’t always understood Christianity’s penchant for charity, even thought it kind of seemed like a good idea.

Prayer can be simple.

A Wiccan church that’s a part of a larger community in Lake City, Arkansas.

Occulture linkage

Chas Clifton on “Tower Time,” and what it might mean in the United States.

Sometimes your brain gets things wrong.

Who were the magicians of history?

Starhawk reflects on the year past, and the year(s) ahead.

Ross Heaven has died, and the first few eulogies have emerged. Recently Marjorie Jensen reviewed his latest book, The Way of the Lover.

Cinamon Hadley, the inspiration for Neil Gaiman’s Death, has passed away.

Reviews linkage

Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch reviewed.

A review of Psychedelic Press, Vol. XXII.

Mudras: Yoga in your Hands reviewed.

A review of Touch Me Not!

The Venetian Tarot reviewed.

A review of The Luminous Stone: Lucifer in Western Esotericism.

Bonus linkage

The House on the Rock in Wisconsin has been dubbed “the world’s weirdest,” and may give you some decorating ideas.