Spiral Nature Linkage for 19 May 2017Magick

A tarot spread for divining jealousy.

On colour numerology.

Reading the bottom card of a deck is something Psyche always does as a means of uncovering what’s “hidden” from the reading.

So, uh, apparently Lon Milo DuQuette’s book caused demon possession? Or, not?

Which tarot queen is your mentor?

Read the cards like a devil.

On protest as ritual.

Lean how to swear in ancient Greek.

Benebell Wen offers a free downloadable shielding recitation ritual for protection.


On St. George.

If 90% of Thelema is self-discipline, what’s the other 10%? Prolly best not to confuse Thelema with the OTO, though. Want tips to build self-discipline? Check out Psyche’s suggestions.

Creating household altars. See also Laura Perry’s article, “Portable shrines: You can take it with you.”

On Macha, the Irish queen of “misandry.”

Thoughts about reconstructionist religious traditions, and their legitimacy.

Redefining the death of Paganism. Redefining the undeath of Paganism.

What do gods and mascots have in common?

On the minor planets and their origins in Greek mythology.

Thoughts on rituals within Druidry, and solitary practice.

Dude, how is women’s scholarly validity still being debated?


On occult expression in haute couture.

Find out your Pagan personality type or your occult personality type via these mildly insulting monikers.

So, like, Golden Dawn lineage is kind of complicated.

Paganism and horror films: a fun mix.

The occultnik community is not yet woke.


The Night Ocean reviewed.

A review of My Favourite Thing is Monsters.

Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth reviewed.

A review of The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic.

Calls for submission

Walking the Worlds is looking for articles on divination. Payment: Unclear. Deadline: 1 June 2017.

Bonus linkage

How to Become a Deadly Misandrist Fairy Vampire” is the how-to guide you didn’t even realize you were waiting for.

Also, what is “healing circle chic“?