Spiral Nature Linkage Friday, 22 September 2017Magick

Maybe it’s just better to live in a magical universe.

On Mercury.

A Satanic tarot spread?

Patience isn’t just a virtue, it could be necessary for your mojo.

On Binah.

Potions can take a lot of work.

On witchcraft and psychedelia.

How magick and ritual can manifest.

Ok, maybe we do live in a magical world.


Planned Parenthood and Satanists join together to fight oppression and provide access to healthcare for people with wombs.

Accessiblity in spiritual spaces is essential.

Hailing Eris.

Is meditation supposed to make you feel good?

Thoughts on Persephone’s descent. Also check out Xenia’s article, “Pomegranates and trauma: Delving into the Underworld.”

Want to diversify your spiritual group? Check out these tips.

A spirit of water meditation for the Rite of Leviathan.

These Middle Eastern talismans are pretty awesome.

Are helicoptor elders a thing?

You prolly need to know some stuff that’s not already inside you.

Thoughts on reincarnation. Other thoughts on what happens after death.

On trees and tree spirits.

Some of the problems with your mindfulness practice.

What does Pagan hygge look like?

We have a responsibility to the Earth.

The juju curse that binds trafficked Nigerian women into sex slavery.


Magic Ancient and Modern: Materials and Imagination will be running until 24 November 2017 at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, in St. Jerome’s University College in the second floor library. Def seems like something worth checking out.

Where did the idea of wishbones come from?

On Twin Peaks and kabbalah.

Is Jim Carey an occultist? Yeah, probably not.

An important reminder that White Guilt is not a Black Burden.


Norse Mythology reviewed.

A review of Australian Druidry.

Casting a Queer Circle reviewed.

A review of The Myth of Disenchantment.

The Book of Air reviewed.

Meditations on William Butler Yeats’ A Vision.

Spirits of Place reviewed.

Calls for submission

Canadian poetry journal Poetry is Dead is looking for submissions on the theme of covens for its latest issue. Deadline: 15 January 2018.

Bonus linkage

“The byssus is the soul of the sea. It is sacred,” says Chiara Vigo.