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Divining for answers on intuition.

Simple ways to make tarot a part of every day.

Is meditation as difficult as you think it is?

Reading tarot and thinking about non-human creatures.

Cards, divination, and omens.

Folk magick as insurrection.

Eat your magick.

I love it when Patrick Dunn gets into linguistics and its application to magick.

Strategies for enduring a tarot reading.

Wait, six months or 18? How many months are you supposed to perform the Abramelin working for?

Tarot and numerology, a simple guide.

Divination with standard playing cards.

Preserving aromatic herbs: kitchen witchery at work.

An English ritual for a hand of glory.


My Little Ponies on the altar.

Contemplative prayer for Pagans.

How to create a book of shadows.

Local cultus.

On giving back to your totems.

Walking the labyrinth.

Gods, what even are they?

Home and hearth.

On managing relationships with many gods.

Want to connect with the Morrigan? Here are a few things to try.


An interview with Jason Mankey about his new book on athames.

On Omar Garrison.

A history of the occult in rock and roll.

An interview with George Nicholas of Cernunnos Rising.

Writing with tarot. (See also, “An introduction to writing tarot poetry.”)


The Witch’s Ointment reviewed.

A review of The Witch’s Athame.

The Wooden Tarot reviewed.

A review of The Power to Surrender Cards.

The Chrysalis Tarot reviewed.

A review of Pagan Planet.

Calls for submission

Your favourite occult magazine Spiral Nature needs an assistant editor. Deadline: 29 January 2016.

A Beautiful Resistance #2 will be published by Gods and Radicals at Beltane. Deadline: 1 March 2016.

First and Last: A Devotional for Hestia, to be published by Bibliotheca Alexandria, is seeking submissions. Deadline: 1 June 2016.

Bonus linkage

A tongue in cheek look at how to get rid of clutter and live abundantly. Apt snark for the new year.