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On magick driving people insane and tinfoil hats. See also, “Depression, the dark night of the soul, and magick.”

An analysis of the pentacles of Jupiter.

Camelia Elias on learning secrets through reading the cards.

What are the benefits of being a traditional witch? Not sure how this is different from… non-traditional(?) witchcraft?

Varying opinions on stealing bones.

On a related note, decorating with death sure sounds like fun.

Benebell Wen has created a free tarot deck and you should all probably download it for free right now.

Parts four and five of Scott Stenwick’s series on magical models.

There are tarot cards that can make or break a deck, and while they can be different for everyone, here’s a breakdown of some from Beth Maiden.


On sankofa.

Lupa offers a Pagan argument for organ donation.

Four winged deities surround Zeus’ throne. Here’s a quick break down of their names and roles.

Sometimes, being sincere just isn’t good enough.

On permaculture and ethics.

Valerie Love doesn’t want you to hate her because she’s a Christian witch.

Autumn crafts for Pagan parents and their offspring.

Some thoughts on Abraxas.

Roles and responsibilities of priests and priestesses n the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Four lessons from Hera for the fall season.

Honouring sacred spaces, parts one, two, and three.


Queer witches of colour in comicsSign me up.

An interview with Problem Glyphs’ Eliza Gauger.

Potter fans, want to curl up under the stairs of 4 Privet Drive? It’s for sale.

Occult fashion is a thing for people who aren’t necessarily interested in the occult. Um, ok?

New age, old aeon — whatever. Get into the mood of the season with this Autostraddle round up.

An interview with bone reader Chas Bogan.


Labyrinth Wisdom Cards reviewed.

A review of The Goddess in America.

For the Love of the Gods reviewed.

A review of Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

American Witches reviewed.

Calls for submission

A call for papers for Family, Home, and Ways of Life: Living Paganisms in a Globalized World, a conference that will be held  in Krakow, Poland, 24-25 March 2017. Deadline: unspecified.

Bonus linkage

These Hallowe’en-themed vintage postcards are downright wacky. Love it.

Also, check out this Victorian proto-computer that spouted Latin verse.