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I’m sorry to share that Michael Howard has passed. He was an author, folklorist, publisher, witchcraft authority, and elder of the Cultus Sabbati. You can find out more about his life and works at Xoanon, and at The Cauldron.

I didn’t know Michael well,1 but he will be missed.


Ramsey Dukes talks about secretiveness, and the Abramelin operation.

What’s in the cards? Ask them.

Bells are awesome. Unless you’re a devil.

The ever-awesome Benebell Wen has created a new oracle deck, the Chinese Oracle Script Divination Cards, and she’s giving the template away for free. Also, she’s working on a new book. Rejoice, peeps. This is good news. Her last book was amazing.

Divining for love is a dangerous game.


A new Thelemic podcast produced entirely by women, Stooping Starlight, has just released their first episode.

On queer and transgender gods. It’s more complicated than you think.

I was into Phobos and Deimos before they were cool.

A Gardnerian Wiccan gets grumpy about Wicca and initiations.

On animism.


If you’re in Toronto you might want to check out Toronto Pagan Harvest Festival this weekend.

A booklist of Irish Paganism and the faery faith.

Some speculation about cultural changes that might occur with the ascendancy of chaos magick.

On Alan Moore’s Promethea as an introduction to all things occultnik.

A pirated copy of the Necronomicon sells five copies a day on Amazon. Hmph.

Coverage of the Celts: Art and Identity exhibition at the British Museum in London.

Ethan Doyle White interviews Yvonne Aburrow.


A review of Ronald Hutton’s Pagan Britain.

Bonus linkage

I know you’ve probably already seen it, but… a lantern that looks like the moon.

  1. It’s been years since I last wrote forĀ The Cauldron, unfortunately. []