TransformationWhisper of Healing Box CoverWhispers of Healing Oracle Cards, by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall
Blue Angel Publishing, 9781925538267, 50 cards, 88 pp., 2018

We can use many different ways to communicate with the universe and with our inner self. One of the reasons why oracle decks are becoming more and more popular is the fact that they lend themselves perfectly to both, and the Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards created by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall is no exception.

The deck is comprised of 50 cards printed on quality, glossy stock. The deck is slightly larger than the average tarot deck, with each card measuring 9.5 x 14 cm. You may find it easier to shuffle them by laying them down on a table. The cards are numbered. Each card has a range of healing attributes, such as compassion, learning, progress, and seeking seclusion. The front of each card has a narrow frame, and is beautifully illustrated with ethereal characters and creatures. The images have a dream-like quality that makes these cards perfect for exploring the inner psyche. The back of the cards depicts a colourful watercolour image of flowers. You may find this useful for meditating and calming before you begin your reading. The deck is accompanied by an 88 page booklet to help guide readings and interpretation.

Hartfield suggests several methods for reading the cards, and you are, of course, invited to devise your own. Her suggested spreads are a one-card reading — shuffle the cards and select one card for a daily message that indicates where you need to focus your thoughts. You can then reflect on this card throughout the day. There is also a three-card spread. While you are shuffling the cards, focus on your inner self. Select three cards from the deck and lay them out horizontally. The first card related to the past, the second card to the present situation, and the third to events on the horizon. I have also created my own spread which I use for “problem solving.” While I am shuffling the cards, I think about the issue I’m struggling with and I draw two cards. I interpret these cards as two possible solutions to the problem.

The card four, Nurture, is one of my favourite cards in the deck due to its beauty and its meaning. A woman is curled in the foreground of the card. She has the tail of a mermaid and the wings of a kingfisher. In the merangel’s hair grows a forest of trees. From it flows a waterfall which tumbles into a clear pool at her side. Within the depths of this pool, we see a mysterious world where fish swim and horses run. In the background, we see a crescent moon, stars, and mysterious mountains. The image is painted in mute brown and silver tones, contrasting with vibrant blue, white and gold. This card tells us that no matter what is going on in our lives, it is important to nourish ourselves. Hartfield writes, “Do something daily just for you. The way you choose to nurture yourself will be unique to you. You may feel the urge to exercise, or take a long bath, to have a massage or to curl up under your favorite blanket… Once a nurturing practice is in place, your energy levels will be higher and more consistent. This will lead to better decision making.”1

There are several attributes that make the Whispers of Healing Oracle unique. One that jumps out immediately is the artwork. There are thousands of decks out there these days, but this one really resonated with me due to the amount of detail in each card. I find that this helps tremendously when it comes to finding meaning in the images. The other important and unique trait is that these cards are created for healing at a deep level. Hartfield writes, “The deck will reveal hidden pathways and help you respond to situations with a deeper understanding and higher perspective.”2 The more you work with these cards and familiarize yourself with them, the more clearly you will notice their calming, therapeutic effects.

Angela Hartfield is an internationally renowned psychic medium, intuitive healer, and teacher. She has been communicating with the spiritual realm since her first encounter with an angel at four years old. Her mission is to offer individuals guidance from the angels and the universe. Josephine Wall is an illustrator with a passion for creative art, particularly fantasies. She has many influences including Salvador Dali, Arthur Rackham, and René Magritte. In addition to painting, Josephine is also a talented sculptor, and enjoys creating custom jewellery and stained glass.

Whispers of Healing Oracle is one of my favourite decks for self-exploration. I have found it particularly useful when I am seeking a solution to a troublesome problem. In these situations, I focus on the issue and pick two cards from the deck. I interpret the cards as two different ways I can address the problem. Sometimes they are equally good solutions; sometimes I find that one is better than the other. This deck is so easy to work with, it’s suitable for beginners, as well as more experienced card readers. If you are looking to learn more about your inner self by reaching out to the angels and the universe, you will be drawn to this deck.

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