From: utu.potiki[at]sfnet[dot]com
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 93 07:36:52
To: chaos_m[at]tatertot[dot]com

Hello, Chaos Magick Mailing List folks. This is a test transmission, a first step in imminanentizing an electronic eschaton, if you will.

I think that a good place to start would be with one of the most basic concepts of Chaos Magick, and I’ve arbitrarily chosen the state of gnosis. What is it, how does one achieve it, and how does it function in the Great Work of Chaos (aka Choyofaque)?

Gnosis is loosely defined as a break in, or overwhelming of, the parts of the mind involved in rational function, and thus a temporary paralyzation of the psychic censor. There are about as many ways of achieving this “state” as there are people to achieve it; the most readily available, however, are such things as sex, drugs, physical exhaustion, hyperventilation, and spinning (like a dervish or Sufi might do). Basically, any activity that throws the mind into a state of total confusion (think for a moment of the mental breakdown engendered by a powerful orgasm) can be useful in achieving gnosis; my own favourite twist of late has been burial, which I’ve used to great success especially in the charging of a fetish and also a chod-type divination.

As far as how gnosis functions, I think that what’s going on in the Gnbostic State is that, by throwing the mind into such a state of confusion and overwhelming the psychic censor, one literally achieves a sort of union of all opposites. In other words, the boundary that seperates the “inner void” from the “outter” falls away, and the magickian opens hirself to a realm of infiniter variables. Rituals, spells, and the like, simply provide a pre-set delineation of which variables will be manipulated into the desired manifestation; one could think of it as a blueprint for potential.

I’d like to talk more about this and get some other viewpoints on all three of these aspects of the nature and function of gnosis, especially in terms of some of the ways fellow Chaotes are generating it.

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