Subject: Re: [IvyAers_Coven] Digest Number 264
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 11:05:11 -0700
From: Darkstar

Hi Lady Silver! I’m glad to hear you had some success. :)

One thing you must realize when dealing with chakras, and their subsequent blockages is that all types of pain and illness can be stored in them. Once you start to get in touch with this, old memories may come flooding back.. things from your past may come back needing to be healed. Perhaps this is why I suggested just trying to relax at first, and then delving into the Chakra work once you feel comfortable letting yourself relax. These memories should be nothing to fear.. they are there for a reason, and are a part of removing those blockages. Remember to keep track of your meditation experiences, as they may help you focus on the areas that need particular attention. Healing is hard work… I myself have become sicker in the process.. but I know it’s all a part of getting somewhere because other parts of my body that have refused to work for 10 years are suddenly working!

You will most likely always see something when you reach your Crown or Third Eye Chakra.. it might just be a shot of light or, as you’ve seen .. memories… sometimes it’s the leap off point for Astral Travel. Once you’re more comfortable with the meditation process, pay close attention to what the other Chakras show you as well… their energies may be more subtle than the crown at first, but no doubt their healing is no less significant. One thing you might try, especially if your meditations ever make leave you feeling detached, or disoriented is to ground the chakra energy by going through the Chakras backwards, from Crown to Root.

Brightest Blessings for a Glorious Weekend!