I Walk with the Goddess, by Kellianna I Walk with the Goddess, by Kellianna
CD: Kellianna.com, B000WMG5GE, 41 minutes, 2007

I said, in the conclusion of my previous review of Lady Moon, that Kellianna’s music ”…was a real treat and held the promise of more to come. I have no doubt that promise will be fulfilled in future recordings.” I was correct. The passage of a few years has done nothing to adversely affect her music. It has merely brought forth even more appealing lyrics and music.

This disc has the addition of the Sacred Fire Choir providing back-up vocals on “I Walk with the Goddess,” and that merely increases the depth of the song’s appeal. The songs cover a variety of themes with a consistent approach of leading you gently into the moment. And the moment is what this disc is all about. Once you begin listening to it, time seems to slip away.

There are echoes of  many cultures contained within these 10 tracks from Kali-Ma to Avebury; from Indian to Native American; and from Nordic to New Age. There is a little something for everyone, and it is all presented with a feeling of love and honour.

The lyrics are, for the most part, simple and will undoubtedly be found being sung and shared around campfires at Pagan gatherings and in circle far and wide. They are easily understood, as the music which accompanies them does not overwhelm them.

If I were forced to find a fault with this offering I would have no difficulty in naming it. No, I can’t complain about Kellianna’s songs, nor could I fault her music or voice. My one complaint is one that is far too common when it comes to Pagan CDs. It isn’t long enough! Maybe it is just me (but I doubt it), but I enjoy relaxing for a nice long stretch and less than an hour just doesn’t seem fair to me.

I encourage Kellianna to keep producing these wonderful albums, but put in a plea for increasing length (there was an increase of about six minutes between the two CDs I listened to – how about another 20 minutes or so on the next one?).

I strongly recommend this recording, and this artist, as an addition to your collection.